25 words your two-year-old should be saying
By the age of two your tot should be uttering a few words already. Here are some of the more common words he should be familiar with at this age.

At the age of two your toddler should have at least 25 words in her vocabulary. Because some children in South Africa are raised in bilingual households, a two-year-old should have 25 words from the vocabulary from the language that is most dominant in the household. If your child is raised in an English household these are more or less the words that your toddler should have in her vocabulary: 

1. Mommy

2. Juice

3. No

4. Nose

5. Car 

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6. Shoe

7. All gone

8. Daddy 

9. Hello

10. Dog

11. Eye

12. Hot 

13. Hat

14. Baby

15. Bye-bye

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16. Cat

17. Banana

18. Thank you

19. Book

20. Milk

21. Yes

22. Ball

23. Cookie

24. Bath 

25. More 

If you are not an English-speaking household, the general rule is that by two your child should be able to say 25 words and names of things that you use everyday around the house.

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