Learning principles for all ages and phases
Some guidance for each of the five main learning principles that each child goes through.


Children all learn in different ways and there are various parenting philosophies for each method. However, certain basic learning principles apply to all children, at each age and phase. Here is some guidance for each of the five main learning principles.

Interact with your child

If you do nothing else, interact with your little one as often as possible. Talk, sing and read together. Experiment and explore together! Research has shown that babies retain almost no information if they are simply exposed to educational content without any adult interaction. Alternatively, babies who spend a lot of time with caring adults, learn rapidly even if they are not exposed to such content at all.

Involve all their senses

What does a lavender flower look, smell and feel like? Do you know the answer because you read it somewhere or because you’ve experienced it? The more active a child’s senses, the more they experience and the more they learn.

Get the timing right

When a child is overstimulated or tired, even your best efforts to teach and stimulate them will go to waste. If you and your child are both in the right mood to do activities, go for it. If not, rather leave it for another time. The frustration likely to result from forcing a child to do an activity is potentially more damaging than the effects of missing a learning opportunity. 

Try some repetition

Repetition is the key to success! Try several different ways to reinforce the same concept with your child. For example, when your little one learns to write, let them write a letter on paper, write it in a sand tray with their finger or trace it on your back with their finger before you do the same to them. Then play ‘I spy’ and find objects beginning with that letter before finding words in a magazine that start with the letter.

Have fun!

Fun is the magic ingredient to learning. You can teach your child almost anything when you present it as a game. Keep it light and encourage your little one to follow their interests because laughing kiddies are learning kiddies.

Try these age-appropriate activities to help your child to learn:

0-3 Slow down and stimulate learning?

3-6 Learning is an adventure

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