‘Mom’s beautiful lizard dress’
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Since mother’s day is on Sunday and we are busy making all sorts of secret mother’s day cards etc. I decided to ask my class two questions:

Why do you love your mommy?
  • Because she gives me sweets.   Jeff (4yrs)
  • My mommy takes me to the spur and buys me bubble gum and stuff.  Jade (5yrs)
  • When I say I love her, she takes me to different places.   Steven (5yrs)
  • She gives chocolate to me.   Mary (5yrs)
  • Because she lets me watch films.   Nadine (5yrs)
  • She goes on the field with me and so I can ride my bicycle.  Kevin (5yrs)
  • I play with my mom in the sea and she is kind to me.   Amanda (5yrs)
  • When we get home from school she lets me watch TV every day. Alison (5yrs)
  • Because my mom gives me lots of milkshakes. Elliot (5yrs)
  • She eats lollipops and ice-cream with me. Zandile (4yrs)
  • I love all my moms (he has 3) because they take me to the hotel of dogs and play there where there is a lot of dogs. Andrew (4yrs) [Editor's note: This sounds both weird and cool!]
  • Because she takes me to my aunty and I play with my cousin and its fun.  Steven (5yrs)

Then I asked everyone if they thought their mom was beautiful, there was a unanimous yes from the entire class, so I asked why?

Why is mom beautiful?
  • She is beautiful when she puts pretty dresses on. Jeff
  • When she cuddles me in bed.  Alison 
  • When she puts sparkly earrings on. Nadine
  • My mom wears a lot of make-up then she looks beautiful.Steven
  • When she has her lizard dress on. Elliot [Editor's note: this is just plain weird!]
  • When she puts rings on her fingers and wears shoes that are very high. Amanda 
  • When my mommy goes to a wedding she wears a lovely dress, earrings and lipstick. Jeff
  • When she wears her white dress.  Zandile 
  • Because she has long hair down to her bum. Mary
  • When she puts on lipstick, eyelash stuff and that pink stuff that goes on her cheeks.  Jade
  • When she kisses me on the cheek. Kevin
It was interesting was to see how children define beauty. Their honest answers about outward appearance as they are not quite old enough to think deeply about inner beauty.

Is this perhaps a sign that we place too much emphasis out outward appearance and therefore our children think we are only beautiful if we are wearing a pretty dress, make-up and jewellery? Are our kid's opinions a reflection of our own self-image? What is clear, though, is that as long as mom provides the treats, she'll stay in her child's good books!

Karen is a pre-school teacher who loves the fascinating ways in which kids view the world.

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