Role-swap day!
Do mothers and fathers understand each other’s stresses?
I would love to play the “mother” role. I could quite happily get up early, prepare breakfast for the wife and kids, run their baths, get their clothes ready, pack their lunches and get them off to school and her to work.

Then come back, sort out the housework, hit the gym, do some shopping, grab an espresso. Pick up the kids,take them to their extra murals. Come home, prepare dinner, do the dishes, read the kids their bedtime stories, run the wife’s bath, give her a full body massage, listen to her unwind and rattle on about her day and then perform whatever kind of sex she wanted, before kissing her good night.

And of course, smiling contentedly, knowing that she has secured the family’s existence by bringing home the bacon.

I’m quite serious about this! I could do this in a flash, and be quite happy doing it. The only requirement I would have is that I’d make time to write more books. But that won’t get in the way of anyone, because after my wife’s drifted off to an orgasmic-induced sleep, I’d sneak out of bed into the study and write. It’s been proven that men die younger because of career-related stress.

Dr John Gray, author of Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus was on the radio the other day while visiting SA for a promotional tour. The big issue he raised was the relationship between sex and how men and women deal with stress.

Apparently there is a hormone that has to be released in order for a woman to achieve orgasm, this same hormone is released when a woman talks, a lot, and women deal with stress by talking, a lot. This same hormone relieves stress.

What we guys don’t get is that all we need to do is sit and listen and not even offer to fix it, just sit and look in her direction and nod from time to time. Do this, he said, and you’re practically guaranteed to get action all the time. Anyway he spoke about women being more successful now and as a result more stressed and how role reversal is a fact of life.

He said us guys are quite happy to be the “sex provider” if the woman is bringing in more money. And that’s what got me to thinking. I would love to change roles. The fact that as a single dad and full-time parent I do both, can be quite stressful at times.

According to Dr Gray, women are battling with the same issues, one of them a lack of libido, due to the new jobs they hold and the stress that comes along with it.

I say change the roles officially, let’s have a change parenting roles day. What do you say? Do you think your man could do it? I for one am damn sure that I’d have a lot less stress in my daily routine.

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Is being the homemaker a less stressful role than that of provider?

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