'The religion of evolution is a myth'
"When teachers tell you that evolution is a fact, always remember that it’s just a theory."
Dear son

I know you've always wondered where humanity came from and I’m happy that you're discussing this aspect at school. As a parent I hope you'll have the opportunity to decide for yourself whether life came here by creation or by evolution.

However I'll give you my take, son. You'll hear that organisms originated by transformation out of yet existing organisms, and not by direct creation into their final state. You'll come across a lot of conflicting and mind boggling evolutionist theories of how life began:
  1. Life came from a warm pool of organic "soup".
  2. Undersea geysers gave life.
  3. A foam in the ocean was a form of life.
  4. Earthbound meteors brought life.
  5. Asteroids hit the earth so hard that the atmosphere changed thus igniting the life process.
Son, these are a few of the differing views on evolution. One fact is clear though; these conflicting ideas show that evolution is just a theory and not fact. So when teachers try to tell you that evolution is a fact, always remember that it’s just a theory supported by inconclusive evidence which is full of holes.

The truth, son, is that evolution is a form of religion and woe to you if you resist. After all one prominent evolutionist is on record for saying "If you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane."

I guess your daddy is one of those ignorant, stupid and insane people who doesn't buy into the propaganda of evolution. As unique as you and I are, with intelligence, hope, love and many other wonderful human qualities I find it laughable to be told that we evolved from such animals as apes, monkeys and lemurs. These animals have no conscience or a sense of morality. They don’t have humour or self awareness and the list goes on.

Son, the theory of evolution is fraught with weaknesses. For example some experts have argued that because the theory tries to reconstruct the past, it is impossible to prove by experiment or by direct observation. Also, because the theory deals with unique events such as the origin of life it is impossible to prove.

The theory of evolution leaves too much to chance. That life is where it is now out of chance. That our amazing human body came about by a sequence of chances. What are the chances that you'll come across a computer that came from no where? Humans are more advanced than computers and to credit chance for their existence is a myth.

So, son, it’s good to know what different people have to say about where we come from. It's good for you to distinguish facts from opinions and propaganda.


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