"I thought I could breathe under water"
Ridiculous things kids believe.

I might have been the most gullible child there ever was (and I'm probably also one of the most gullible adults around). 

A lot of the ridiculous things I used to believe were largely contributed to by my brother. He'd tell me all sorts of crazy stories that would either torment me or inspire me.

I was severely disappointed when I learned that I couldn't in fact breath underwater or hear what animals were saying. 

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There are some other silly things too: 

When the clock strikes 12...

A lot of things were supposed to happen when the clock struck 12. My eyes would stay squint if I didn't stop, my tongue would stick out permanently if I didn't put it back and my nose would grow if I'd lied about something that day. 

"You ate my sister!"

I was 6 and my mother was pregnant with my sister. When her tummy grew she'd tell me that my little sister was in it – I'd cry, genuinely upset, and ask why she'd eaten my sister. 

The TV and my imagination 

The TV had me convinced that people were living in it. I also believed that my life was a sort of live movie and that people were watching everything I did or said.

Literal food names

Kidney beans were made from real kidneys. Butter beans were made of butter. At restaurants, kid's meals like 'kiddies ribs' were made from real children and I found it extremely upsetting.

Things that grow inside

I remember my brother telling me that if I swallowed the pips of a grape that a vineyard would start growing out of uncomfortable places. Some of my friends believed that swallowing bubblegum meant that your tummy would become a bubblegum factory.

Granny hands and feet

When my brother and I spent too long in the pool and our skin started shrivelling up, my brother would tell me I was turning into a granny. I believed him. I vaguely remember my parents telling me the same thing if I didn't get out of the bath when they told me to. 

Mind readers

My mother would tell us that if we fibbed she would know because she could read our minds. It wasn't long before I proved that idea wrong but I remember being super scared of not telling her the truth about things, just in case.

And like all children...

I believed I was invincible. Some of the things I tried as a kid were pretty crazy and I had a few near-death experiences thanks to my wild imagination. I believed that I could jump off buildings and that nothing would hurt when I landed (thankfully, I was too scared to try). But I did jump out of our tree house once and found myself in the emergency unit with a few broken bones. 

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