Milestones for the size concept
Tips for helping your child understand the concept of size.


Which milestones should you munchkin reach between the ages of four and five while developing the size concept? This year they should be able to do the following:

  • Sort five items according to size from small to large and large to small
  • Identify the middle sized item from three differently sized items
  • Identify an item which is ‘smaller than’ or ‘bigger than’ other items
  • Identify a thick or thin item like a block
  • Identify a tall or short person
  • Identify bigger or smaller items in a group of similar items

Do these fun-filled activities with your child to help them reach these milestones

Give your child coins or buttons of three different sizes and let them sort it into piles of the same size.

Give them a selection of coins again, but this time give them a bigger variety of sizes. Ask them to group all the same coins of the same kind, like the 50c coins, together. Now repeat the exercise with all the other coins. 

Encourage your child to help out with tasks around the house to learn more about the size concept. You can for instance let them sort and pair the family’s socks after the washing has been done.

Talk to your child about the size concept as often as possible. You can for instance ask them who they think the tallest member of the family is or which pet is the biggest. Look out of the window with them and ask them which tree in the garden is the furthest away from you and which one is the closest. 

Cut a straw into five pieces of different lengths and ask your little one to sort it from shortest to longest and vice versa.

Click here for more on how to develop the shape concept.

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