The ultimate WORST places to take your kids
Where only the brave will go (with kids).

You'll no doubt be getting dirty looks from random strangers when your kids are playing up somewhere in public. People who don't have kids (or who have alternative childcare) usually think "why the hell would you bring kids here?"

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But for many, being fortunate enough to arrange for the kids to be looked after while you go somewhere that requires standing in a queue or maintaining peace and quiet, isn't always possible.

On the other hand you'll still find at least one badly behaved, screaming child, even if it is a kid-friendly place. 

Here are some common tantrum-starter places worth noting:

Antique shops (or anywhere with a "do not touch" sign)

Even as adults it's tempting not to want to touch certain items in an antique shop. Taking your child into one of them is risky business when they're likely to bump into something by mistake, even if they're not badly behaved.

Sweet shops

Some firm guidance and rules need to be set out before braving a sweet shop with the kids. With so much excitement surrounding a sweet shop outing, emotions are high and senses are stimulated to the max! We suggest using the one-time-only rule that if there's a meltdown the first time, a temporary ban on sweetshops is given until you feel your child can behave there.

Granny and Grandpa's house

Kids can be such angels when it comes to visiting Granny and Grandpa. But it can very quickly change if they're having a bad day or if something's upset them. And Granny and Grandpa aren't likely to handle those sorts of situations the way that you do. 

Fancy restaurants

If your kids are starving, they're more likely to misbehave and play up. But if they're not starving, they won't eat their food and probably play up when you tell them they have to. Taking kids to a restaurant can be a nightmare for any parent (and everyone around you).

The library

A library is a place for people to enjoy the peace and quiet while browsing through or researching novels and content. Every one knows that most libraries have very strict rules about noise levels, but going to the library is a part of everyone's childhood.

SARS, home affairs or the traffic department

Going to any one of these departments is an unpleasant experience on its own. What with queuing, people without personal space boundaries and not to mention all the germs flying around the air. Doing this with kids seems like an awful idea. Why not take a friend or family member with to help keep the kids busy while you queue?

The dentist

No one enjoys going to the dentist. The thought of having someone poke around in your mouth and possibly have to cause you pain isn't fun, even for an adult. At least adults are more likely to suck it up and get through it, whereas some kids have nightmares about visiting the dentist. A huge amount of reinforcements are needed to keep your kids distracted from the experience. 

What are some of your worst places to take the kids? Send us your comments to

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