WATCH: These pre-schoolers are starting their days the right way
A simple lesson in kindness from a class of 4-year-olds to make your day.
These kids are starting the day with kindness. (iStock)

Wouldn’t it be nice to start each day with a warm smile, a strong fist-bump or an encouraging high five? Even a cuddly hug and squeeze would do – that’s the right way to start your day. And these 4-year-olds are kicking ass and taking names, having already adopted the practice in their preschool class.

According to The Daily Mail, the little ones at Lone Tree Elementary, in teacher Kali Lovgren’s class, begin each day with a greeting of their choice by the class’s “Greeter of the week”. Watch the adorable video below.

The class’s Greeter of the Week greets each classmate as they arrive with a greeting of their choice. The 4-year-olds can pick from a hug, handshake, fist-bump or high five, before settling in to start their day.

How have you taught kindness and the importance of being kind to your kids? Tell us by emailing and we may publish your comments.

We absolutely love the concept, and for two very specific reasons.

1. Encouraging positive interactions

Not only do the learners start their day right with a warm greeting that we imagine will put them in a good mood for the rest of the day, the greeting also encourages learners to interact with one another, and in a positive way.

Rather than bullying and fighting in the classroom, these interactions will see children playing together, even feeling all the more encouraged to develop friendships with one another, after this display of kindness.

Kali says, “The preschoolers love greeting their friends in the morning. They seem to look forward to that time, and I have caught them role-playing that part of our school day in the afternoon.”

2. A simple lesson in consent

There’s an understated, simple lesson in consent in letting children decide how they’d like to be approached and greeted. A hug for some may feel more invasive than a high-five, while a fist-bump may feel a little too impersonal. The important thing is that children know they have the right to choose between a hug, handshake, fist-bump or high five.

And if that wasn’t cute enough, Kali explained, “The students loved it so much, I decided to have them do it to say good bye as well. Each day I draw a name to be the See You Later Alligator.”

How have you taught kindness and the importance of being kind to your kids? Tell us by emailing and we may publish your comments.

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