Worried about your child's first day at school?

You've probably seen a few posts going around Facebook by moms worrying about their child's first day at school. 

"Do both parents drop him/her off?

"What if my child runs after me when I walk away?"

These are typical concerns most parents have and it can all be a bit overwhelming and nerve racking. 

It's a big day for both parent and child and whether your child kicks and screams or withdraws into a very shy or quiet version of himself, teachers have seen it all and usually know how to deal with it. 

There are some things that you as a parent can do to help ease the transition and sooth the separation anxiety: 

Before the day

Before the first day of school try and get your child familiar with a few things that he/she can expect from going to school. Build up a bit of excitement by talking about some of the stuff they'll see and do on their first day. "There is a boy with the same name as you and he's going to be in your class," and "you're going to get to paint and play with your new friends" is a good way to get your child to look forward to the day.

Learn the names of some of his/her classmates so that you can point out some of them to your child on the first day, creating a familiar and and more comfortable first day. 

Get your child into a good habit of taking his/her own shoes, hat, jacket etc off without doing it for them. 


Once you get into the classroom with your child try not to make a big fuss of it. Keep him/her preoccupied with the new things they see in the classroom. Don't get too involved in puzzle building, toy playing or book reading with them as you don't want them to feel you'll be staying. Try get them started on something or playing with a classmate instead before you head off.

Be swift

Try to get out of the classroom as soon as you can. The longer you stay the harder it will be to say goodbye (for you and your child). Try not to hang around thinking that you'll leave once they're perfectly settled, that might not happen. Your child might take a few days to settle and that's totally okay. 

Always say goodbye

Always say goodbye and let your child see you leaving, even if they seem super happy and preoccupied. If your child is clingy and you're worried that saying goodbye will trigger a meltdown rather let it happen then than after you've left. 

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