9 things Santa needs to discontinue
Stocking-fillers parents hate.

Christmas is around the corner and some parents have already started stocking up and gathering gift ideas for the little ones. 

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With the development of the toy industry there are thousands of new products and gifts to choose from. 

Yet some toys will never be forgotten and they'll continue to make a popular appearance in every kid's playroom or toy box for years to come. 

Teddy bears, yo-yo's and slinkies fall under the top children's toys of all time, but there are others that are far less favoured by parents and teachers

If you're buying something for someone else's child, or you're trying to find extra stocking fillers, there are some things that drive parents crazy (even though kids might love them). 


There's nothing that kids love more than tipping out hundreds of marbles all over the floor. Stepping on marbles is equally as annoying.


Argh this has to be the worst thing for parents next to traffic jams and load shedding. Glitter can be fun but it has the tendency to get EVERYWHERE! Cleaning glitter, especially from clothing, is every parent's worst nightmare.

Drum kits


When the novelty of enjoying your little drummer wears off you'll be packing it up and hiding it away before he comes home from school. 


Because kids playing recorders aren't annoying enough.

Bath crayons

If you really need to include these in your child's stocking, make sure the package specifies that they're 'easy to clean'. Some bath crayons are impossible to clean off. 


Stepping on Lego is probably one of the most painful things a parent can experience after child birth.

Nail polish for kids

Bouncing balls

Bouncing balls, especially when thrown against a wooden floor, can really push someone over the edge. They're even more of a problem when they end up knocking things over and hitting you in the face. Recycle now.

Living things

A new pet may seem like a cool idea for a Christmas gift, but getting an animal for your child isn't something that should be done on impulse. Pets should not be surprises and if you haven't thought about it properly before buying it, you're going to be regretting it when you want to plan your next family trip and can't find anyone to feed your pet. 

What are some of your nightmare Christmas presents for kids? Send us your comments to chatback@parent24.com. 

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