5 ways to get your tot outside
Stimulating play doesn't need to be an indoor activity. Take advantage of warm weather; get your tot out in the sun with these fun activities.

1. Catch a bubble

Buy a couple of jars of bubbles from a toy store - they are really affordable. Take these outside and get your toddler to try and catch the bubbles as you blow them. He may also want to do this himself. Either way, he'll be exercising some motor skills.

2. Go fishing

Cut fish shapes out of colourful paper or cardboard and hide these around the garden (they'll have to be a bit visible though; it's like hiding Easter eggs). Let your toddler go around the garden trying to find them all, collecting them in a bucket or net as he goes. You can play the same game with any shape: stars, hearts, circles, etc.

3. Make a nature bracelet

Take your toddler for a walk in the garden or a park close to you for a look at nature's bounty. Wrap a piece of masking tape around his wrist with the sticky side up. Tell him to collect small stones, flowers, pieces of grass, anything that takes his fancy really, as you're walking and stick them to his bracelet. By the end of the walk he'll have a pretty bracelet to remember it by (until you need to throw it away, of course).

4. Mini car wash

Sit your toddler out in the garden with a bucket of water, a bit of soap and a cloth. Set his toy cars out in front of him and ask him to give each of them a good wash; he can make a fun game of it. Remember to slather on the sunscreen.

5. Draw a shadow

Grab a piece of stick or chalk and head towards the driveway. Stand in such a way that the sun casts your shadow and ask your toddler to draw around it. Do the same for him and discuss his body with him. This is also the perfect time to explain what shadows are.

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