Dinosaurs – amazing creatures, always a fascination for children of all ages
Children have always been fascinated by dinosaurs, the massive reptiles that thundered across the Earth 200 million years ago. Your child is probably one of them.
Children have always been fascinated by dinosaurs, the massive reptiles that thundered across the Earth 200 million years ago. Your child is probably one of them.

We now know more about these mighty creatures than ever. Every day, palaeontologists are finding new evidence and discovering how dinosaurs hunted, how they nested, how they bred and how they roamed the planet. We know how they fought each other, how they battled for survival, and how finally they lost that struggle. De Agostini’s new series of collectable books, Dinosaurs & Friends, contains all that information – the whole story of these amazing beasts, from their arrival during the Triassic Era to the great extinction event that wiped them out.

Dinosaurs & Friends clearly explains how each prehistoric creature lived – what it ate, where it lived and what it could do. It describes other well-known creatures from the same animal family, with bright and colourful artworks of all its members. And every issue there’s a short quiz, to make sure that the information is being read and remembered.

But Dinosaurs & Friends isn’t just about the science. It also features beautifully illustrated stories about dinosaur families and other prehistoric creatures, which you can read to your children or get them to read themselves. And because there’s no better way to learn than to play a game, each issue contains at least one, and usually two, fantastic toy dinosaurs. Your child will love playing with these big-eyed dinosaur families. They can even use the toys to act out the stories in the books.

As well as the dinosaurs, readers will get toy versions of many prehistoric creatures from later eras, like the mighty mammoth, the smilodon (sabre-toothed cat), and even a family of early humans who live together in their very own cave! They’ll discover how these humans made their homes, what they wore, their religious rites and how they made their astonishing works of art – the uncanny cave paintings that are so well protected today.

And here’s where Dinosaurs & Friends comes into its own. It isn’t like other dinosaur films and stories out there, which get the story confused. When your children read our books, they’ll find out the real facts about the prehistoric world. They’ll learn that not all dinosaurs were fierce, scurrying meat-eaters – many were calm, gentle herbivores. And they won’t see their beloved T. Rex battling with woolly mammoths, or worse still with humans.

Instead, Dinosaurs & Friends is clear and accurate. It divides the dinosaurs into carnivores and plant-eaters; it separates them from other prehistoric animals like the icthyosaurus (a marine reptile) and prehistoric insects; and it makes it absolutely clear that no human was ever chased by a T. Rex, because the giant lizards and the early humans lived millions of years apart.

The Dinosaurs and Friends books are from De Agostini’s Read • Learn • Play range, which means three things –
  • You can use them to teach your child to read
  • They give your child a library of information about dinosaurs
  • They encourage children to absorb the facts by playing games.

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