Kids' savagery at its finest
Sometimes kids say some uncouth things. The adults work very hard at keeping a straight face, but deep down, they're rolling on the floor laughing.

Kids say hilarious things. They also say some seriously inappropriate things, but even so, they still warrant a good, hearty laugh.

Teaching our kids to think before they speak is one of the important jobs we have as parents, and often it is challenging to keep a straight face when delivering this important lesson.

Sometimes, we can't keep it to ourselves. We have to spread the word and connect with other parents - whether friends or complete strangers - about our kids and the amazing things their little minds conjure up.

When they catch you off-guard:

When they have random epiphanies:

When they share their great wisdom:

When they're smart-mouthed:

When they verbalise what every woman feels:

When they push your buttons:

When they show their naïvety:

When you want the earth to swallow you:

And of course, when they know just what to say:

Sometimes kids really say some atrocious things. Have your kids said something witty, clever or downright despicable things? Share them with us by emailing

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