This sanctimommy is judging you
There are just some things that this mom will judge other parents on.

We all know a sanctimonious parent and try to avoid being one, however, there are a few things that I must admit I am a very sanctimonious mother about.  

I don’t really care whether someone prefers a pram or baby wearing, cloth or disposables, circumcising their baby boy or not, bed sharing or cots, planned c-section or natural, epidural or drug free, working or being a stay-at-home mom, piercing their little girls ears or not, using a dummy or not. I have opinions on them of course, but really, it is neither here nor there for me what another parent chooses to do.  

I’ve lost friends over the things I am sanctimonious about, I irritate people when I mention them, I carry on doing it anyway.  Here are my three no compromise issues.  

Strapping children into appropriate car seats 

Is there anyone who can claim that they don’t realise that their child will become disabled or die a painful death if they aren’t properly restrained? You don’t even need to be in an accident for this to happen – slamming on brakes at relatively low speeds can see your child fly around the car, along with your groceries and all the toys on the back seat.  

Do my children kick up a fuss about being strapped in?  Yes, from time to time they do.   They also fuss about eating their vegetables, wanting to run across a parking lot while I’m packing the car at the supermarket and about not being allowed into the crocodile enclosure at the crocodile farm. Responsible parents don’t compromise on safety just because it upsets their children.  

Have we missed parties or been late for events or appointments because I’ve had to pull over and refuse to move until they consent to being strapped in again? Yes! The good news is that by about age 4, they stop arguing and just comply and it becomes habit.  

So, if you don’t strap your child into an appropriate seat, sit them on your lap or in the front seat of your car…yes, I’m judging you.   

Swimming Pool Nets

No matter how vigilant you are as a parent, doors get left unlocked, children run off while you’re on the toilet or on the phone or cooking.

Nets, fences and solid covers are not perfect protection, but they’re a barrier.  

Teaching a young child to swim is important, but it isn’t necessarily going to save them.  Telling them not to go by the pool doesn’t mean they’ll obey either.  

Sorry, we don’t visit people who don’t have nets on their pools until our children are in grade 1 (and still maturity and swimming ability dependent).  

No safety precautions around your pool – I’m judging you.   


If you believe that vaccination is more harmful than the actual diseases, or that getting the disease and risking complications and death confers a special kind of natural immunity that preventing the disease in the first place doesn’t – you are the sheeple.  

If you don’t vaccinate your children and there isn’t a sound medical reason for it (and where there is medical reason, those parents are begging others to vaccinate to protect their child), I don’t just judge you, I think you’re extremely gullible and should learn to question things and not blindly follow your flock of mommy sheep friends.  

Read some of the criticism of what they are saying; ask people with actual medical qualifications who have studied those fields in depth for many years what they think and whether they vaccinate their children. Yes, we all know that vaccine injuries do occur, but most of us know that they’re incredibly rare – rarer than the chances of getting the diseases themselves, which are not minor illnesses.  

What brings out the sanctimommy in you?

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