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FEATURE DOCUMENTARY: The story of 4 transgender children

6-year-old David is part of the new trans generation of people who don't identify with the sex they were assigned at birth, and who chose to make the transition very early. This moving film explores the transitioning through first-hand stories told by four young people.


5 ways to raise a genius child: "Talent is made, not born"

Early starts are key to developing children’s talents, experts say. But so is deliberate practice, a center of excellence, and singleness of purpose.


WATCH: Just a reminder from Pantosaurus that what’s in your pants, belongs only to you

Baby Shark is fun and all, but we’ve been sleeping on this catchy song by the NSPCC of one dinosaur’s important message about consent.


What ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ can teach kids about resilience

It's not all web shooting and fighting bad guys. This Spiderman movie will leave your kids with some valuable life lessons... plus a whole lot of web shooting and fighting bad guys – yay!


Nine-year-old’s heartfelt letter to Disney requesting princess characters who wear glasses

“I wanted to write the letter to make a difference. I don’t want other girls to think the way I did.”


Why reading aloud means the world to your child

To celebrate World Read Aloud Day on 1 February, the READ Educational Trust explains why reading out loud to child can change their destiny. Whoah, really? Yes.


8 ways parents and teachers can help children make friends in primary school

Experts have found a positive link between high-quality friendships and better academic results. Here's what parents and teachers can do to help young ones make and maintain healthy friendships.


Are imaginary friends good for your child?

According to psychologists, imaginary friends are a sign of positive developmental progress.


Before letting your kids splash around in the water this summer, consider these safety tips

Parents need to be extra vigilant when their kids are around water this summer.


8 ways to keep your kids smart over the summer holidays

How to encourage learning at home during the school holidays.


Worried about your child's excessive smartphone use? It's not all in your head

Parents who fear their kids are spending too much time in front of screens now have more reason for concern.


Being disappointed by Christmas gifts is good for kids who have enough

It is essential for children’s mental health, well-being and overall development that they experience how to deal with disappointment well.


Lies about Santa? They could be good for your child

Developmental psychology suggests that such fantastical beliefs are not actually harmful, but are associated with a number of positive developmental outcomes.


WATCH: 11-year-old cancer survivor dancing The Nutcracker with The Royal Ballet

Charlie Tait was only 3 when she was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumour, and used ballet as a way of staying strong. Now 11-years-old, Charlie is dancing with the stars of The Royal Ballet's, The Nutcracker.


Let's talk body image (not body shape) with our kids

Body image is a tricky subject and extremely sensitive for some. It's something that can be determined from an early age in children, and can be the foundation for how they perceive themselves as they grow up.


So does on-screen violence make children more emotionally distressed after all?

The amount of violence children witness on-screen alters their perception of the world and can be detrimental to their development.


Hair care tips for kinks, coils and curls

Naturally curly, coily and kinky hair are more prone to knots, meaning combing and hair care require special tricks and techniques. Here's how to take better care of your little one's hair!


"Not a shove as such": Dad filmed pushing his 7-year-old son into saving a goal explains himself

Get off the field, dad! Kids sport is supposed to be fun, not stressful.


"Although not completely stutter free, I have full confidence to speak anywhere": Readers share how they beat their stutter

Our readers share the simple yet effective methods they used to overcome their stutter.


Steve Harvey shared how he overcame his childhood stutter, and the internet's reaction is mixed

This famous talk show host and comedian had once spoken with a stutter and he's now revealing his secret to how he overcame his speech impediment. We share his and other tips.


Top hair care tips for anti-washing warriors

Is your child kicking up a fuss every time they need to get their hair washed? Not to worry, we're here to help!


Robert Downey Jr sends a special video message to a 7-year-old fan battling cancer

Jackson Tijerina was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was just 4 years old. Recently, he was given a special shout-out by his favourite superhero.
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