10 reasons why reading bedtime stories should be part of your daily routine

Reading a bedtime story to your child is a delightful and fun experience where you can bond before they set off for dreamland. As fun as it can be, it is so much more than just that. Here are a few of the advantages of bedtime stories.


South African stories that teach kids about race in a positive way

Explaining complex issues like race to children isn't easy and finding books that speak to the topic can be another hurdle for parents. Here are two highly recommended local books that do just that.


We’re collaborating with Book Dash to ensure every child owns a hundred books by the age of five

Book Dash is a non-profit children's book publisher distributing books, for free, to the many children of South Africa who do not have access to reading material. Here's how we're helping them ensure every child owns a hundred books by the age of five.


5 tips to win at reading to your children

Reading aloud to your children can encourage a love of reading while having educational, social and emotional benefits for your child. This study outlines how you can make reading to your children an enriching experience for all.


Watch: Sima and Siza

Sima wants to be a nurse one day. His favourite game is hospital-hospital. But papa and his friends do not approve. What will change their minds?


50% of children have never read a book with their parents – here's why we need to encourage reading early on

We could go on and on about the benefits of spending time reading, drawing or simply talking to your children, but you’re probably tired of hearing that. With 50% of children having never read a book with their parents though, maybe we actually aren't saying it often enough.


Read: Tig's World

Available in English: If the world is round, why don’t the people on the bottom fall off? Tig’s mom has one answer, and her dad has another. Who’s telling the truth? Read on...


Parents respond: You can blame the “idiot box” for 50% of children having never read a book with their parents

“She never read any books that weren’t school-related and her reading and spelling are terrible. Simply put, price was no object. She preferred to sit and watch the idiot box.” – Parents respond to why they don't read with their children, and we share how you can reintroduce a love for it.


Listen: Searching for the Spirit of Spring

Available in English, Zulu and Xhosa: A little girl can’t wait for the Spring festival, but the people of her village have lost their spirit of celebration. She decides she must go in search of the spirit of Spring. Read on...


Top 10 books every child should own

A pre-school teacher shares her top 10 books for getting your children to love reading.


WATCH: This granny's infectious belly aching laughter just boosted book sales for Kiwi author

Not laughing while watching this viral video is impossible. Here's a great start to your week... you're welcome!


Six children's stories to bring calm to the holiday chaos

Stories that create ‘hygge’ — that Danish concept of security, connection and coziness — could be considered to achieve the highest expression of human rights, especially for children. Even in a summery South Africa!
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