READ: Nomsa's shopping list (In English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu and 5 more languages)

When Mandisa's mother sends her to the shop, her younger sister, Nomsa begs to tag along. On their way, a strong wind snatches their shopping list out of Mandisa's hand and it is gone! Will the girls get into trouble for losing the list, or will they come up with a clever plan?


SA author helps families across the world build closer connections through conscious story-telling

South African dad and author of the Conscious Bedtime Stories series, Andrew Newman, talks to Parent24 about using story time to connect more deeply with children.


And So The Stories Ran Away

Titled And So The Stories Ran Away the exhibit is an innovative collaboration.


LISTEN: Silly Thukile (In English and IsiXhosa)

Once upon a time there was a young man whose name was Thukile. He lived with his mother in a tiny house. They were very poor and the only money his mother made was by selling the eggs that her hen laid. Thukile was so lazy that he did nothing. He would lie in the shade in the summer and sit by the fire in the winter. Listen to the story in English and IsiXhosa.

Curious Minds

What was the first computer?

What was the first computer and how did it work? Professor Doug Jacobson of Iowa State University takes us through the first modern electronic computer which was built by physics Professor John Vincent Atanasoff in 1942.


Lupita Nyong'o talks Sulwe and why it's important for girls to 'see dark skin in a beautiful light'

'A seed for children to grow and draw from in later years.' Lupita Nyong'o recently took to Instagram to talk about her upcoming children's book.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Who’s that baby? (In English)

Read Who's that baby, a mirror game for little ones.

Curious Minds

LISTEN: Why do we need food?

Why do we have to eat vegetables and fruits? How come we can’t just have ice-cream and lollies for every meal? Every time we eat, our food goes on an amazing journey through our body


READ: The bouncing cabbage (In English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu and 3 more languages)

Cassidy Ann and her big sister, Trixie, were waiting in the car. Grandpa had gone into the garden shop, but he wasn’t going to be long. The car park was empty, except for a big truck that was parked on the other side of the fountain. Read on...


FREE DOWNLOAD: That's not Thabi! That's a hippopotamus! (In English and Xitsonga)

Where on earth could Thabi possibly be? Download the story for free in English and Xitsonga.


F*ck, Now There Are Two of You launches this week (Warning: Adult language)

The third in the series promises to address "with radical honesty, the family implosion that occurs when a second child arrives", and is aptly titled F*ck, Now There Are Two of You.


One mom shares her secrets for encouraging reluctant readers

From how to get your child to get started on the right note, to helping them find a book they love, this mom is sharing her top tips for encouraging a reluctant reader.


READ for Teens: Ballet and a Sunday

Student Thando is in big trouble with her traditional family. She’s dropped medicine for ballet… and is in a relationship they will hate. But when she goes home to face her parents, shocking secrets are spilled, changing everything. Can she follow her dream?


FREE DOWNLOAD: Tortoise Finds His Home (In English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu and 8 other languages)

Tortoise sets off in search of his house. Along the way, he meets new friends to help him. But the sky is darkening, and lightning flashes in the distance. Will Tortoise find his house in time? Read on...


READ: The best detective (In English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu and 3 other languages)

"Bella can’t find Noodle anywhere! Bella’s friends help her to look for him and land up getting a big surprise." Read on...


South African stories that teach kids about race in a positive way

Explaining complex issues like race to children isn't easy and finding books that speak to the topic can be another hurdle for parents. Here are two highly recommended local books that do just that.


READ: The best street in the world (In English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu and 3 more languages)

Long Street was wide and long. In summer, when Sonny and his friends walked home from school, their shoes were covered in dust. In winter, their shoes squished with mud and water. Read on...

Curious Minds

LISTEN: Do animals sleep like people?

If you sleep in a cozy bed, with a soft blanket and your favourite toy, how do you think other animals sleep? Do they have beds like us?


FREE DOWNLOAD: Who takes the train? (in English)

Read on to see what Naledi sees in the train...


READ: Thoko’s first library book (Eng, Zulu, Xhosa & 3 more)

Thoko walked into the library with Gogo. She liked the smell of the new building. She liked the shelves of books and shiny tables. Today, she hoped to find something special to read. A storybook … with pictures! Read on...


Books for Africa! Local mobile library project receives donation of 2 600 children’s story books

"This is a reality that Nal’ibali is firmly committed to changing because access to books and stories is integral to a literate society," Jade Jacobsohn, Nal’ibali’s Managing Director, says.

Curious Minds

LISTEN: How does our heart beat?

We all have a heart beating in our chest. Sometimes our hearts beat fast, and sometimes they beat slow, but how do they work?

Curious Minds

Why do burps make noise?

The next time someone says you’re burping too loudly, just reassure them that it was a perfectly normal mouth fart.
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