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LGBTQIAP+: We help you understand 23 gender terms

Here are some gender-related terms you may encounter – on campus, at school, among your children's friends. We explain what they mean.


Social media and teen mental health: Wake up! Speak up!

10-17 February is Teenage Suicide Prevention Week in South Africa. With mental ill-health becoming a global crisis, especially among the youth, social media seriously needs to revisit their online policies – but we as the public should also take responsibility.


Basetsana Kumalo prayer for her son on his birthday

Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo’s son turned 14 recently.


When, where and how: A first-time voter’s guide to the 2019 SA general elections

From checking your registration status, where you're supposed to vote and everything you'll need to get you through the day, here's your guide to navigating the polls on 8 May.


What HIV-positive orphaned teens in children's homes really need

Adolescence and the transition to adulthood is complex and challenging for any young person in SA. For HIV positive teens in care, the residential setting, their HIV status and their adolescence intersect to create a unique situation.


Why perfectionism is damaging to your teen's mental health

It's been linked to anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders and suicide. Here's what parents can do to ensure their teens aren't pursuing perfection at the cost of their mental health.


Hyde Park High School pupil: ‘I was made to feel that my hair carries very little worth’

A Grade 9 pupil from Hyde Park High School in Johannesburg made headlines when she was given detention for her natural hair.


If your teenager’s "vocal fry" bothers you, you may be behind the times

Does your teen’s voice sound unnaturally low and gravelly, like a door on rusty hinges, or a quacking duck? It's called vocal fry or creaky voice, and here's why they're probably doing it.


How 18-year-old Xolisa is chasing his pilot dreams

Here's to the ones who never give up on their dreams, no matter what it takes.


These are the top 3 qualities teens value most in friendships

Turning the stereotypical view of teens on its head, a study of learners from 11 schools across Wales is proving that young people today have a wide world view and value kindness over popularity.


Actually, all the cool kids AREN'T doing it

Teens absolutely stink at judging their peers’ behaviour! Says a researcher. Here's more...


Sweet poison: Why vaping is on the up among teens

The use of pretty packaging and appealing flavours has a significant impact on young people, say experts, causing them to perceive tobacco products as less harmful.


10 tips to help you succeed at finding a job after matric

From getting your CV in order (and everything you need to include in it) to simply being confident, here are 10 important tips to help you find and get a job.


Suicide is not an option: Useful ways parents can help their teens this summer

"Suicide watch" is the terrible term given to the period just before exam results are released. Here's what parents need to know about supporting their teens through life's ups and downs.


5 practical strategies for controlling bullying – and you can start this holiday

For 16 Days of Activism lets not forget to talk about a far lesser recognised form of abuse that affects 1 in 3 children worldwide: bullying.


Party responsibly this New Year's Eve, teens!

New Year's Eve means festivities are in order! Here are some tips for responsible partying and socialising.


20 tips for crushing your first holiday job!

We've all heard a horror story or two about what a drag some holiday jobs can be, but with these simple tips, you'll be sure to crush it.


WATCH: DIY stress balls to get you through your final stretch of exams

The exam stress can become overwhelming at times. So much so that you find it hard to stay focused. So we put together a super simple DIY in the hopes that it might relieve a little tension when you're feeling down and out. Check out these DIY stress balls.


7 lesser-known coming of age rituals around the world

With a society as rich as ours, South Africans are no strangers to coming of age rituals. Here's a look at the rituals of some of the most remote cultures in the world.


Breast friends: A step-by-step guide to helping your daughter choose her first bra

Choosing your first bra, when your body's going through so many changes, can be a rather awkward, even frightening, ordeal. But we've put together a step-by-step guide for moms to help our daughters, including how to get measured, the very many bras to choose from and the key to feeling confident.


You won't believe the diagnosis and treatment for PMS back in the day

We know it now as PMS, but back in the day, theories around premenstrual syndrome were pretty horrific. Women were even put in asylums! Here we unpack another topic for budding adolescent girls.


What is an appropriate screen time limit for teens? We could be back to square one

If screens are kept at arm’s length, measures of well-being tend to improve, especially for teens, who may suffer from anxiety and depression. This analysis suggests that we can be flexible on screen time limits though, and if managed correctly, it could have benefits for our children, which includes making plans with friends, nurturing relationships and watching educational videos.


Teen anxiety is real, very real: but treatment can be highly effective

Anxious teens are at heightened risk for a host of long-term problems, including depression, substance abuse and suicide. So it's extremely important for us to be able to identify these risks, so we can treat and combat them.


A mom wrote in to share her son's good deed with us

3 November is World Kindness Day and we couldn't think of a better, more inspiring example of humanity than this to celebrate it.


Why you shouldn't share the social post of children on drugs

A few learners in Pretoria became seriously ill after smoking a herbal drug. Social media was abuzz – but don't fall into the trap of sharing these posts.


WATCH: This Harry Potter-inspired school dance is siriusly everything

Attention muggles, half-bloods and wizards: A school just did a Harry Potter-inspired homecoming assembly dance and it's gone viral!


How this teen boy came to the rescue of a young girl who got her first period on the bus

A young man disregarding the stigma of menstrual blood? We're totally here for it!


These teens and young adults want their day in court on climate change

21 young people have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government. Juliana v. United States challenges U.S. energy policies, stating they are destabilising the climate and violating established constitutional rights to personal security. It is her, and her peers', future after all.


REVIEW: 3 important reasons to watch The Hate U Give with your teens

The Hate U Give, based on the YA novel, tackles issues of white privilege and police brutality in a way we think is vital for teens and young adults to see.
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