Taking the pill as a teenager may have long-lasting effect on depression risk

Recently, the largest study to date on this topic concluded that women who are using the pill or other hormonal contraceptives are at an increased risk for depression. The study also showed that this relationship was strongest in teenaged girls.


Curbing risky behaviour in teens starts with skills, knowledge, motivation and resources says local NGO

Social scientist at ACTIVATE! Change Drivers youth network Dr Cephas Mutami shares his findings for what is needed to stop young people engaging in risky behaviour.


'Where your true purpose begins' - a former teen mom says pregnancy doesn't mean the end of your dreams

"Life does not stop, in fact, that is where your true purpose begins. You are now responsible for another life. How amazing." Some seriously motivating words for teen moms going through the worst right now.


How giving young people basic financial skills helps them find jobs

Giving young people financial skills can lead to much better education and job outcomes.


'Heavily and unfairly burdened' - Reflecting on the plight of teen moms this Women's Month

"As we celebrate Women's Month it is a perfect opportunity for all of us to deconstruct the stigma that teenage mothers are heavily and unfairly burdened with." A former teen mom reflects on teenage pregnancy.


Most parents have never heard of TikTok. That’s by design

The creators of TikTok have seemingly identified that in order to reach preteen audiences, social media apps need to get past the gatekeepers of preteen online engagement: the parents.


Life-orientation programmes potentially ineffective in curbing underage drinking

The pilot phase of the programme tested whether LO programmes were effective tools to educate learners on the harms associated with alcohol use and to change adolescents’ behaviours and perceptions of alcohol use and underage drinking.


Italy drafts 'no-mobile-phone phobia' law

Nomophobia particularly affects young people, often preventing them getting a good night's sleep.


Period pain is impacting women at school, uni and work. Let’s be open about it

Many women perceive period pain as something they just have to put up with. But the symptoms can be managed. Mike Armour, Christina Curry and Freya MacMillan talk about the impact menstrual pains have on women's productivity at work, school and to tackle the issue they suggest people need to start talking more about it.


WATCH: Instagram to use AI tech to reign in nasty comments on their platform in a bid to combat online harassment among its teen users

"We can do more to prevent bullying from happening on Instagram, and we can do more to empower the targets of bullying." Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri says the platform's new anti-cyberbullying tech was inspired by real-life examples of online harassment reported by its teen users.


Millie Bobby Brown talks bullying, having to switch schools and how she’s making social media a “happy place” because of it

“I want to combat the negativity on social media – I have experienced it – it’s like a disease. It’s negative hate that is genuinely so horrifying to me.” – Millie Bobby Brown shares her thoughts on social media, saying she believes we can and should be using it to influence positive change.


Can teens drink alcohol under parental supervision or is that breaking the law?

Raising a teenager in South Africa is no walk in the park. As a parent, many worries keep you up at night. Are your kids safe? Do they have sensible friends? Are they responsible when you're not around? You have to put their well-being first, but you can't "baby" your child forever. At some point, they may start drinking alcohol, and you might wonder, 'Is it better to let them drink under my roof instead of behind my back?'


"My son wants to transition into a girl. I want to help her. What can I do?" Our expert answers

How can this parent help their child to fully accept their sexuality? Founder of Explorare Kate Tregan tackles our reader's question.


Gen Z teenagers are leaving sex until later, and it could mean they lead healthier lives

We know teenagers experiment with intimacy but we also know teenage pregnancy numbers have been dropping in recent years. New findings suggest that fewer young teenagers are actually having sexual intercourse than previously thought.


Dad receives backlash for shaming daughter's untidy bedroom

It’s a cause for frustration many parents share – a teenager who simply refuses to clean their room.


How to speak to your daughter about her first period

Experts share tips on how you, as a parent, can help your daughter navigate this new chapter in her life.


"You are going to be okay" - Twitter's #myfirstperiod reveals dads are more involved than you might think

The recently trending topic invited women to share their first period experience, and a perhaps surprising number of stories involved dads coming to the rescue.


Tips for teens helping friends who are self-harming

You aren’t their parent, so save the lectures and check-in phone calls. You aren’t their counsellor, so don’t attempt to solve their problems. You are their friend, and heaven knows they need a friend right now. Michelle Mitchell shares a few tips for teens who self-harm.


A parent's guide: Help your child welcome a trans classmate

We live in a world with such amazing diversity and being trans is just another way people add to the spectrum of life. It's up to parents to help their children understand that differences are normal. Here's how.


LGBTQIAP+: We help you understand 23 gender terms

Here are some gender-related terms you may encounter – on campus, at school, among your children's friends. We explain what they mean.


When, where and how: A first-time voter’s guide to the 2019 SA general elections

From checking your registration status, where you're supposed to vote and everything you'll need to get you through the day, here's your guide to navigating the polls on 8 May.


What HIV-positive orphaned teens in children's homes really need

Adolescence and the transition to adulthood is complex and challenging for any young person in SA. For HIV positive teens in care, the residential setting, their HIV status and their adolescence intersect to create a unique situation.
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