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Tattoo your teen
Would you agree to your teen having a tattoo?
While on the discussion of piercings.  I started wondering about tattoos, and what other mothers thought about them. So the piercing questionnaire I compiled, I added a section on tattoos.  

Do moms have tattoos?

Thirty moms responded to my informal survey. The first question was whether the moms had a tattoo themselves. At 47% almost half the mothers had a tattoo. Second question was whether their children had tattoos, and with the exception of one son (a 22-year-old) none of the children had any tattoos.

The next two questions dealt with whether the moms would allow their children to have tattoos and what age they thought would be appropriate.  
  • 63% of the mothers said that they would allow it.
  • 10% said that they would allow temporary tattoos, like henna tats.
  • 23% were vehemently opposed to it.
  • The average age most mothers agreed on was 18 years with the youngest age suggested at 16 and two mothers quite hopefully replying 30.

Info from some of the mothers suggested that in both South Africa and America the law doesn’t allow tattoos before the age of 18 years. Although I’m sure that there are ways and means for the determined youth.  

Most mothers expressed the concern for the permanence of tattoos and Parent24 blogger, Camilla, came up with a fantastic solution for making sure that her daughter would be able to live with the design for the rest of her life.

“I've already told her that when she's older, if she wants a tattoo she should paint it in henna and keep the same design for a year.  If she still likes the design after that time, then she can consider getting a permanent one.”

The last question was whether the mothers thought that there was a difference between the genders. With a single exception everyone agreed that there is no difference.

Some mothers are still very much against tattooing and one even labelled it in the same category as drug use. Religious tattoos have become the in thing with a lot of young people, although the act of putting a tattoo on your body is considered sinful by various religious views.

Tattoos have become much more socially acceptable than they used to be. This could be due to the influence of several celebrities sporting tattoos. Although most mothers agree that there is a difference in style, there is no social differentiation between the genders for getting a tattoo.  

But due to its permanent nature, most mothers expressed the desire for their children to be absolutely sure of what they want. Not to get a tattoo due to peer pressure, but to actually want a design on their bodies for the rest of their lives.

At what age is a tattoo acceptable?

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