Girl reveals tattoos to her parents after 12 years
After 12 years this girl decides to show her parents her hidden tattoos.

How do you feel about your teen and tattoos? For a lot of parents the response is "forget about it!"

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For many teens getting a tattoo is something they'll only do when they leave home and feel that the can do so without their parent's consent, but for others, it can't wait.

I was never allowed tattoos or body piercings when I was younger and neither were most of my friends. My parents would always reassure me that once I'd turned 18, I would no longer need their permission. So I waited, and personally I'm glad I did because when I think of the sorts of ideas I had for tattoo designs when I was 16, I cringe. 

According to The Body Art Council there is no legal age in South Africa for a child to be able to have a tattoo done. However most tattoo store owners and artists will insist that anyone under the age of 18 brings their parents along or a written and signed letter of consent. 

When it comes to development, the teens of today seem way ahead of the teens from my day and perhaps their maturity means that they're able to decide what they want to have on their body for the rest of their lives. Who am I to say that they're not? 

Maggie has 17 tattoos that she's been hiding from her parents for 12 years. Each tattoo represents important milestones, people and situations that have happened throughout her childhood. Too afraid to show her parents any of her body art she worries that her parents and their religion won't approve or accept her tattoos.

Watch the video below to find out what happens when Maggie finally reveals her tattoos to her parents.  

Video originally in YouTube

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