High school: Hated or loved?
Did you love, hate or just tolerate your high school years?
I'd always assumed everyone hated school, but just to make sure,I asked Twitter how people felt about their high school experience. The responses were intriguing, ranging from extreme hatred and ensuing nightmares, to fond nostalgia. Some people were bullied, some hated lessons but loved socialising, and some even wished they could go back!

There were so many responses, I had to put the rest up over at Sprogblogs , but here’s how some people look back at five key years of childhood:

Loved every minute!
Believe it or not, some people loved high school:

genbux: High school rocked..One big party with awesome friends and great teachers.
blindcripple: I did. Had a great time. I actually miss it and would happily go back.
Rubyletters: I adored high school. Was the most epic time:) Although i do suspect my school played a role. It's far different from the city schools.

Liked (mostly!) or tolerated it
There were some challenges which meant that high school wasn’t just straightforward:

acidicice: I liked school. Mostly "break" :P Uniforms were a blessing. Removed a lot of judgment and pressure from peers
Foodandthefab: Overall I enjoyed high school, academics + sport- we had exceptionally dedicated teachers, weekend classes during strikes etc. But, I also has my first taste of real pressure and stress, confirmed my dislike of conformity and ridiculous rules. Bit of both?
pinkhairgirl: Tolerated. Did well but did not enjoy it. I think it destroys a natural curiosity & love of learning. Pressure to fit the mould.

Mixed emotions
Some acknowledged both good and bad aspects to school:

maritzavdh: I had a love hate relationship with school. Loved the learning part, teachers, soaking up knowledge. Disliked the peer experience of being ostracized for loving the learning/teachers/knowledge part
DiProc: It was an emotional rollercoaster, best of times, worst of times (with apologies to Dickens). More good memories than bad though.
AdeleHam: I loved school itself. It was the social bits I wasn't much good at. Oh, and sport.

No grey areas: We hated it!
You don’t have to ask these people twice:

lillafriend: High school sucked like a bitch.
cathjenkin: I loathed high school. The playground politics made me ill. Lived for English and drama class :)
AddToTaste: My school was full of self-entitled rich kids. My year group was particularly great gatsby-esque.
Robi27: I hated school. It wasn't that it was difficult or stressful (mostly), I just hated the restrictiveness of it all.
Nicxs77: Urgh, I know I didn't. Couldn't wait to get out of there. 17 years on I still have nightmare flashbacks...ha ha!

Bullying left bad memories
Interestingly, only girls complained of bullying:

HippyDi: Interesting to see how miserable all the girls were at school- was also bullied! What's that all about?
kambabe: In grade 8 (std 6 in those days) I got teased by the matrics cos of my curly hair. #meangirls they called me nesthead.

Read more responses over at Sprogblogs.

I realised that despite hating my own school experience, some kids had a great time, and that it is possible to make a success of the high school years.

Lots of strong words, there. As parents, we have our work cut out for us as we attempt to help our kids grow and adapt, even in challenging conditions. Let’s hope they come through the adventure of high school with lots of fond memories and very few scars.

Thanks to everyone who sent in responses!

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How would your own child answer this question?

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