Overprotective dads going too far?
Maybe dads need to chill a bit when it comes to their daughters having guy friends.
Bringing a guy home was always terrifying because I knew the consequences that would follow wouldn't be great.

Growing up in a house filled with girls and one guy, being my dad, was great at most times but when it came to dealing with certain issues like talking about guys, my dad would be the last one I would go to. In fact, I wouldn't even think of going to speak to him because he simply wouldn't understand.

Why are some dads less understanding than others?

When I was younger, I had a huge friends circle and there were just as much boys as there were girls. We would visit often and it would always happen by anyone else’s house BUT mine because having a guy friend to my dad was like the biggest sin in the book of sins.

Because I saw that my dad would turn in to the male version of Cruella Deville when my sisters would have guy friends over, I simply just never brought a guy home. In my head, it was like a no-go-zone; I didn't have time for arguments and sit down conversations with my dad about who the guy was and who his parents are and what does he do. [I'm not even kidding, that’s what most of the conversations were about.]

This leads me to my second question. Why do dads think that if they chase the guy away from your home, that you wouldn't go out of your way to see him somewhere else- no matter where that somewhere else would be.

Strict dads equal sneaky daughters. 

I've seen it so many times when dads are strict, daughters take it up as a challenge and they think of all sorts of ways to do the things their parents would never allow them to do, but without their parents ever finding out. 

Exhibit A- Your dad tells you, you’re not allowed to see this guy ever again and he can’t ever come to the house and you’re like, “challenge accepted”.

So you find ways to go to his house without your dad finding out, like maybe saying you’re going to your friend but instead going to his house.

Exhibit B- The horrific ‘accident’ that happened recently, a dad had allegedly shot his daughter’s boyfriend dead.

One of the younger siblings told the dad that there’s a boy in his 16-year-old daughter’s bed. He then went to check up on his daughter like any concerned dad would do. He then asked his daughter who the young man was and she completely denied knowing him. In that instant the guy reached for his pocket and the dad immediately shot him. [There was no weapon in the guy’s pocket; it was probably just a reaction.]

According to The Stir, the parents of the young boy is convening a grand jury, they obviously want justice. 

This is a difficult one though because the dad was trying to protect his daughter but at the same time caused another family so much agony. 

Is this what are overprotective dads doing these days? 

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