High school pupils are doing the ‘birth challenge’ – is it a concern?
What do you think of this challenge?
PHOTO: Facebook

First it was the “mannequin” challenge, then came “dead pose” and now it’s “birth pose”.

Social media “pose” challenges – where users take pictures of themselves posing in a certain way and share the pics online – are as popular as ever.

But it looks like they’re becoming more bizarre by the minute and the recent “birth pose” challenge have some people thinking social media has taken it too far this time.

The big concern is the pictures making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter are mostly of high school pupils in school uniform.

In the pics, teenagers act out the scene of a child being born in hospital.

One pretends to be a woman in labour, another the child being born, while others act as doctors, partners and curious bystanders.

The respective schools of the teens involved in the challenge have not been identified and the identities of the pupils are protected because they’re underage.

What do you think of this challenge?

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