"I am horrified at the new proposal to amend the liquor policy!"
Following the debate about whether or not schools should serve alcohol to those of age at school functions, a Parent24 reader responds...


"Yes we all know alcohol is addictive and that children are impressionable and susceptible if exposed, but I do ... believe it infringes on the Constitutional rights of adults to prohibit them from consuming alcohol at parties and school functions in case children are present.

Not every adult who enjoys a social beer or glass of wine is a complete lush and alcoholic just because the stupid few cannot control themselves or behave themselves when alcohol is on offer.

This does not justify prohibiting alcohol at all!

Has our Government never heard of Prohibition in the USA in the 1920’s? It is widely argued that Prohibition in the USA resulted in the creation of large-scale, well-funded and well-armed criminal syndicates and bootlegging became the flavour of the decade.

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Whilst the proposals are not total prohibition (yet), they are certainly a huge step in that direction. In a country fraught with crime and corruption, is this really a good idea?

Making the sale of alcohol in certain public places [forbidden] just because children may be present – namely 500m away from schools, places of worship, recreation facilities, rehabilitation or retreat centres, residential areas and public institutions – is firstly a bit vague and ambiguous (are restaurants, hotels and bars not ‘recreational’ or ‘public’ institutions?), and secondly, a bit ridiculous – children are allowed at restaurants and hotels - are we going to have adults-only restaurants and hotels?

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A far better approach would be to spend more money and time on educating children about the negative effects – social and physiological – of alcohol abuse rather than banning alcohol being served to adults at schools and places of worship.

The liquor law could place huge fines on institutions which do not take measures to prevent alcohol abuse in such situations.

Perhaps we need to improve the facilities and resources assisting members of family abuse and violence due to alcoholism, and punish the alcoholics rather than the social drinkers.

We all know the alcoholics will still find a way to drink and hide their liquor in innovative ways, and still be drunk in the very places where the social drinkers who practice moderation are now banned from having a glass of wine!"

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