OPINION: "When people can't see things from another's perspective, they become vitriolic, aggressive and spiteful"
In the process of becoming a generation of apolitical, socially aware citizens, and with the advent of technology making it easier for users to engage in online public spheres, have we become so intolerant that when someone's opinion differs from ours we, ourselves, become intolerant, even vicious? A reader wrote in and shared his thoughts on the matter after reading our story 'Online suicide and the dark psychology of internet insult forums'.
"Without exception, I have encountered the most vitriolic, aggressive and spiteful responses from complete strangers..." – a reader shares his thoughts on the the dark psychology of internet insult forums (iStock)

"We only get one shot at parenting and your website offers valuable information to help parents with the most difficult and important task in their lives," wrote one of our readers, Ken Everet. This, in response to an article we published highlighting that parents need to be aware of what their children are doing online, because there is a darkness that comes with online platforms and insult forums.

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Here's what Ken had to say about teens getting drawn into this cyber universe and how it can often result in them becoming "vitriolic" and "aggressive".

"I have spent many hours on various platforms, mainly as a means of trying to elicit rational dialogue on subjects that are dear to me.

Without exception, I have encountered the most vitriolic, aggressive and spiteful responses from complete strangers, who either disagree with my point of view, or who simply lack the ability the allow themselves to look at matters from another's perspective.

There is no limit to the depths of depravity that these people will sink to, in order to 'gain points' with their peers, and they take ghoulish glee in inflicting maximum hurt with their words.

Unfortunately, this is a clear indictment on the (holistic) state of society today. Even if AI were used in its most effective form in an attempt to minimise the negatively effect of these sociopaths, they will simply move to deeper and darker forums to ply their trade.

One could almost understand why some are calling for 'greater control' of the Internet in order to implement some form of accountability for people's behaviour, but I am afraid we are too late...

The soul of mankind has been lost to the plethora of 'human rights' to the point where human life (and the loss thereof) is just another form of entertainment."

Do you agree? Do you think we become intolerant and vicious when we encounter someone whose opinions differ from ours? Tell us by emailing chatback@parent24.com and we may publish your comments on the site. Do let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous.

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