Shocking footage of cheerleaders forced to perform splits has led to police investigation
US high school East High in Denver, Colorado is under fire following the release of unsettling video footage of a vicious coaching technique.

Several staff members of a US school, East High in Denver, Colorado, are currently under police investigation, following disturbing video footage of 8 cheerleading students forcefully coerced into splits by their coach, reports AP. 

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According to Denver news station KUSA-TV, several videos were submitted anonymously to police (filmed by fellow cheer teammates), revealing a brutal technique by East High School’s cheer leading coach, Ozell Williams. 

Assisted by fellow cheer students, the coach is seen to be shoving young girls into an extended split position, held into place at the arms and legs, leaving them with considerable injuries. 

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One girl, who agreed to be interviewed by KUSA-TV along with her mother, is heard pleading with her coach and team to "please stop" several times, clearly in excruciating pain. 

Both the principal and assistant principal, along with the coach and his assistant, have been put on leave until the investigation is concluded. 

Warning: The video below by KUSA-TV's 9Wants To Know, contains disturbing footage and may not be suitable for sensitive viewers: 

Read more: 

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