"Headphones" teen girl has best response to online jerks
After seeing sexual social media comments on her innocent pic of headphones, this teen went viral showing everyone how jerks aren't provoked, they're just jerks.

A 17-year-old UK high school student posted a picture of her headphones to her Snapchat profile with the caption "new headphones".

Little did Catrin Williams know she would be harassed for such a rudimentary image.

After posting the image, someone commented and said: "You wearing those, and nothing else, that would be heaven". 

She decided to post about it because some people have said the only reason women are harassed is because they post "slutty" pictures. 

Catrin's retort was excellent - she tweeted about the post and captioned it with "boys wouldn't send weird messages if you didn't put up such slutty photos."

The student told Buzzfeed she doesn't know the person who commented on her post, that it was someone who randomly followed her.

She also mentioned that she didn't expect this type of reaction from the public, she tweeted about it with the intention of having a laugh with her close friends.

Many people have thanked her for speaking out about the incident and they have shared their sentiments through solidarity tweets:

Broadcast journalist for ABC News in Washington, D.C., Brooke Wylie, also tweeted about the incident.

She also didn't expect various news organisations to pick up on the incident either. The teen, however, was quick in chastising one of the news organisations covering her story.

She wrote an open letter to The Daily Star regarding their misogynistic title of their article, "Sexy student silenced seedy men on Snapchat with this ingenious reply".

Metro reported how Catrin's aim was to prove that it isn't only the provocative pictures which insight harassment, but The Daily Star shrouded the teen's message with a patronising and condescending headline.

The teen, who comes across as steadfast in her opinion on women's rights, has plans to study sociology next year once she finishes school.

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