Will your children reach their dreams?
Greg Secker tells us how.

It's not always easy to support everything your child wants to do, especially if their dreams and goals seem a bit unrealistic and you worry that they're setting themselves up for disappointment. 

But at what point do we as parents open our minds and hope for the best instead of try to steer them in a 'safer' direction? 

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And how should the youth of today go about pursuing their dreams and turning those dreams into a real future? 

The Greg Secker campaign was created with the aim to inspire the positive growth of the youth today. As a well known motivational speaker and entrepreneur, we chatted to Greg Secker and asked a few questions to help keep our kids inspired.

1. What does the Greg Secker Foundation aim to achieve and how?

The Foundation’s primary goal is to provide life skills education to children from all walks of life between the ages of 13 to 17 in the areas of health, wealth, leadership, entrepreneurship and contribution. The Foundation achieves this objective by hosting major one and two day events around the world from the United Kingdom to South Africa and brings together world leading experts in these areas to give their advice.

2. What advice would you give to young South Africans struggling to pursue their dreams?

Clarity is power. When we are completely clear on exactly what we want to do, and we can define exactly why we want to do, it elicits the human potential and our internal driving force. There is a part of our unconscious mind called the reticula activating system which is constantly looking for clues and triggers based on our desires. When we can define our desires clearly, that part of the brain will notice these clues and will tack on to them.

3. What steps did you (Greg Secker) take to achieve your own goals?

I believe in getting involved in projects I find fun, interesting and are in line with my personal passions. There comes a time when existing projects no longer generate the same desire or motivation and we must allow ourselves to become playful and look for other projects which are more in line with where we are going.

4. What can we expect to learn and experience at the Inspired Youth Programme

The program is all about giving young people access to critical life skills which are often omitted from the traditional curriculum. For example, how to build rapport with people and create lasting relationships that are crucial to results, how to build a business that is sustainable and not just attainable, how to connect with your passions and to identify how to monetise these so you're always doing the work you love and therefore have the feeling you aren't working at all.

5. Any advice for this year’s matric students in planning their after-school careers ?

I suggest people watch the video on YouTube "What if money was no object"? (Click here )

6. What important life skills would you encourage the youth to invest in?

Themselves. That's your best investment. 

For details about the Inspired Youth Programme events and to book click here

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