The kids are okay
What do you do when you're stuck in traffic? Take a cue from these teens, who took it outside.

What is worse than heavy holiday traffic at the start of a vacation, when you're anxious to get to the beach? Hitting traffic on your way back. Work is beckoning, and so is a big laundry basket.

We're used to seeing ads warning us against drinking and driving, and reminding us to stop every 2 hours. But I think one grossly overlooked cause of road accidents is impatience. 

Who is this guy ahead of me, driving at 124 km/h when I'm doing 127? What the hell is that broken-down truck doing, obstructing traffic? We get so irritated that we tailgate others (or brake suddenly if we're being tailgated), we overtake rows of cars, and we make quick, risky movements at full speed. Someone I love says his "Chucky" comes out in traffic. Well. Add in the thought of thousands of of matrics unleashed on our roads...

If your pulse quickens just thinking about it, here's a video so refreshing, you'll have faith in humanity again. Or more accurately, in our youth.

On Wednesday, Sean Badenhorst from Joburg posted this video. They were driving – in the rain – down Oliviershoek Pass in the Drakensberg region when traffic came to a complete halt. Two big trucks were blocking the road and no-one was budging. What did the teens in the car ahead do? They got out of their car and started to sokkie in the middle of the road, in the pelting rain.

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