The ultimate Christmas gift guide for teens
Often it's challenging to buy gifts for teenagers, but we've put together a list to make your job a little less troublesome.

Teens are either entering or are currently in that phase of their lives where everything has to be fashionable and "on trend".

This, therefore, makes gifting a little more arduous seeing that one actually has to put a lot of thought into the gift and whether or not it would be suited to the teen you're buying it for.

Generally, teens are after gadgets and the latest technology. Buying a new mobile phone, power bank, a popular headset, gift vouchers or even giving them money would probably earn you some serious brownie points.

Most times teens are already kitted out with all the above-mentioned items. This, therefore, makes shopping for them over the festive season a little harder than what it should be. This is why we've put together a little list of items your teens would love regardless of it not being the latest cell phone.

View Master First Look Kit:

Many of us grew up with a View Master - either it was the legitimate item or it was a knock off, but we had loads of fun with it.
View Master has moved with the times and now it incorporates cell phones and smart technology to create awesome virtual reality.
The device needs a smart phone to function. It works with a number of compatible iOS and Android operating systems.
An upgrade in the form of an Experience pack is available as well, but it's sold separately.
Available from Toy Kingdom.

Syma X5HC quadcopter:

Syma X5HC remote controlled quadcopter with 2.0MP camera is fun for players of all skill levels.
Teens are bound to be fascinated with this nifty device, but be careful, their spying skills may improve drastically.
Available from Toy Kingdom.

PS3 Lego Dimensions:

A Lego game never encountered before.
Characters ranging from Batman to Gandalf and Wonder Woman to Ninjago's Masters of Spinjitsu join forces to fight evil and darkness.
The starter pack offers the basics to embark on an interesting quest.
Available from Toys R Us.


Probably one of the most sought after gifts by kids since its inception!
Your child should have a ball whizzing around on this nifty device.
Available from Toy Kingdom.

Monopoly - Star Wars:

Conquer the Star Wars galaxy with an out of this world version of Monopoly.
If your kids is both a fan of Star Wars and Monopoly, you would've killed two birds with one stone.
Available from Toy Kingdom.

Star Wars Darth Vader and Storm Trooper figures: 

Two figures from the popular movie series to collect, but please note, they are sold separately.
Available from major toys stores.

Foda Quadcopter:

Another device to keep your teen enthralled and fascinated.
This quadcopter also has a camera and is available from Toys R Us.

Star Wars Rebels Season 2:

Set in the Galactic Empire, this animated series is bound to keep kids wondering what's about to happen next in the Empire.
Available from most major entertainment retailers and Takealot.

Various Star Wars books:

Your teen may enjoy sitting back and relaxing with a good book.
Star Wars has a number of awesome offerings for you to fill a few stockings with.
Available from major book stores.

What are your teens hoping for this Christmas? Tell us about your kids' Christmas wish lists by emailing and we may publish your story. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know.

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