WATCH: A fun way to save with DIY shadow money boxes
Planning to save for the matric dance, the school history tour or the latest gadget? Well, we’ve got an easy savings plan for you as well as a DIY shadow money box to store all your funds.

While we’ve pretty much settled into the new year and all its possibilities, there’s nothing quite as frightening as knowing that this year you might also have to pay for a matric dance, numerous school trips, and that new pair of sneakers your teen has been eyeing for the past few weeks. And that’s okay – we all want nice things. Buying those things though is a whole other story.


But if you and your teen are struggling to budget for all the special occasions coming up this year, we’ve got a fun and creative way to save. Use our printable savings chart below and watch this video showing you how to make your own DIY shadow money box.


  • Old box/gift box
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife (Parents, if you’re letting your younger kids make their own DIY shadow box, be sure to do the cutting for them)
  • Parent24 printables printed on transparency paper and white paper (see below)
  • Glue/sticky tack

Tips and tricks

  • We used a box we just had lying around at home, but you could also get a cheap gift box from the store. Either way, make sure the box is sturdy enough to carry the weight of the fund, particularly if you’re going to be putting coins into the box, but not too thick that you’re unable to cut through it. If you’re using an old box that isn’t too pretty all on its own, you can paint or decorate it with stickers.
  • You’ll need to print your images (see below) on transparency and paper respectively, or you can write on the transparency with a white-board marker pen and decorate the white sheet yourself.
  • You can use glue to stick down your printables, but if you’d like to reuse the box for a future fund, use sticky tack instead.
  • If you feel you might be tempted to dip into your savings, glue the lid of the box down and only open it once you’ve reached your target.


To make reaching your target a little easier, whether it’s R500, R1000 or more, we’ve put together a savings plan. This is a 3-month plan, but you can save however much you want on any given day or week, as long as you tick off what you save each week.

Below is an example of saving R1000 over 3 months for a stunning pair of high heels for the matric dance, and an empty 3-month and 6-month chart for you to fill in your own values.

To download click here.

To download click here.

Here are a few of our printables for themed money boxes.

We’ve formatted all the images to fit perfectly on an A4 sheet for an A4 box, but you can print them slightly smaller if need be.

Remember the image with the text should be printed on transparency, while the background images can be printed on ordinary paper.

Matric Dance Fund

To download click here.

To download click here.

Adventure Fund

To download click here.

Treat Yo'self Fund

To download click here.

Try out these DIY money boxes and let us know what you're saving for, and if the box and savings printable really did help with saving. Email your comments and pictures to and we may just publish them.

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