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Parent24 is South Africa's biggest parenting website, reaching parents young and old from diverse backgrounds, with this one thing that connects us all: we all care deeply about our children, South Africa's children, and their future. Its sister site, Baba & Kleuter, is run by the same team and serves the Afrikaans parenting community.

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Advertising opportunities on Parent24 and Baba & Kleuter

Native articles

We're happy to produce content that we know our users want to read on behalf of the client.

All native articles are clearly marked as sponsored.


An advertorial is an essence a branded message to our readership, supplied by the client. It can take on different formats; here are a few examples:

  • Product information with product images. Client provides copy, which the editorial team has the right to edit for length, clarity and tone to best speak to our readership. 
  • Lifestyle article with a brand mention. These articles are informative to the reader and speaks into an area of parenting our readers will find interesting to read about.
  • Video message. Client can send us a link to a YouTube or Facebook brand message which we can embed into an advertorial with additional copy and images.
  • Gallery. We can create a slideshow gallery with various images and captions. Here are examples on mobile, app and desktop: 


  • Printable (free download). We can embed any document for our readers to download, for example charts, activity pages, lists, certificates (Dad of the year), etc.

All advertorials are clearly marked as sponsored at the top.

All advertorials are visible on app, mobile and desktop.

Suggestion: Combine with banners to drive users to the campaign for maximum visibility.


You can run a competition campaign on Parent24, under the Win tab. Client supplies the copy and image(s) and sponsors the prize.

Please see our competition terms and conditions. Please note: 

  • Client will only receive the names and contact details of the winner(s) for the express purpose of contacting them to arrange delivery of the prize. 
  • We will add an opt-in button so readers can opt in to receive promotional messages from the client - we will supply this list after the competition has closed. 


We can run a survey on Parent24. 

  • Client can include 5 questions.
  • We send the data anonymously to client (no personal details).
  • We include an opt-in box so users can sign up to receive promotional material from the client.
  • Client must supply a prize. The bigger the value, the more likely it is we'll get a good response!

Section sponsorships and custom sections

Parent24 and Baba & Kleuter offer a wealth of information to parents, from those starting to plan a family to those seeing their young adults enter the real world. Clients can sponsor an existing section or tool, or request that we specially create a relevant content hub for a period of time.

Examples of custom hubs we've done in the past include:

  • Family travel
  • Family finance
  • Play
  • Back to School
  • Lunchboxes
  • Mother's Day
  • Easter fun
  • Summer fun & safety


Our polls can be sponsored. 

Parent24 poll

Promo mailers

We can send third-party promotional mailers to our subscriber base of readers who opted in.

  • Client to supply ready-designed creative in html format.
  • The design should be no wider than 500 or 600 pixels. No limit on height.
  • If one image is higher than 700 pixels, please slice into smaller sections otherwise certain versions of Outlook may cut it off at the top when displaying.
  • The file size of the mailer should be no bigger than 250 kb.
  • When designing, think mobile as this is where many readers open and read their mails.


We have banner spots available in our regular newsletters:

 •  Weekly editorial newsletter

The weekly Parent24 newsletter goes out every Wednesday and highlights the top articles of the week. Here's is our latest newsletter.

 •  Pregnancy mailer (currently being upgraded)

Our informative weekly pregnancy mailer follows the user's pregnancy journey from week 4 up to 41 weeks. The 41 pregnancy week-by-week articles from which the mailer pulls content can be found in the link.

 •  Baby mailer (currently being upgraded)

The weekly baby and toddler mailer details the development of the reader's baby from birth up to 2 years. The mailers use the content found in the Baby Week by Week articles.

Social media

Parent24 and Baba & Kleuter have a big footprint on Facebook. We can post messages on behalf of clients on these accounts. Sponsored messages are clearly marked.

Here are our social accounts:

Parent24;;;; Parent24 on YouTube.

Baba & Kleuter;;

Our content pillars

Click on each heading to visit the sections.


Deciding to start or expand a family is a very exciting time in a couple’s life. Parent24 understands this phase just too well – including the anxiety that steps in when it doesn’t happen as planned. That's why we offer expert advice on optimum health and fertility, conception, fertility problems and fertility treatment options. We also discuss miscarriage and loss, which is often a silent partner along this journey. Because we want every couple to feel informed, supported and encouraged. Our ovulation calculator further helps couples to plan.

  • Trying to conceive
  • Fertility problems
  • Fertility treatment
  • Miscarriage & loss

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There it is! The embryo is fast growing into a kicking, hiccupping baby in mom's belly. Now is the time when couples do a lot of research, cramming information and brand messages to make informed decisions. Parent24 offers articles about foetal development, mom's health, preparing for a baby, birth and beyond, with a good dose of fun in the mix. Also look out for our due-date calculator and 41 weekly pregnancy updates. And our bumper baby name tool lists more than 4,000 names, many in South Africa's local languages! 

  • Foetal development
  • Pregnancy health
  • Getting ready
  • Birth
  • Q&A with experts

Related: Due-date calculator tool, 41-week pregnancy tracker tool, baby name finder.


Congratulations! The newborn is an enigma of sleeping, drinking and producing fascinating nappies. We offer support and expert information about everything from breastfeeding and sleep routines to colic and teething. The toddler section helps parents through potty training and tantrums, brain development and fun games to play, and baby-proofing your house. We also offer great tools: Our weekly updates about baby's development take parents all the way up to 2 years; the vaccination calendar supplies information about each vaccine, disease and timelines for the state and private schedule. 

  • Newborn & preemie
  • Baby care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby sleep
  • Baby food
  • Baby development & milestones
  • Toddler
  • Q&A with experts

Related: Development milestones tool, vaccination calendar tool, baby week-by-week tracker, baby names.


The little one is full of cuddles - and lots of questions! Parent24's preschool section is loaded with information about this exploring, inquisitive stage. We cover your small child's physical, mental and emotional development, with an emphasis on school readiness. We offer great ideas for educational games to play plus lots of crafts and printables. We also look at picky eating, introducing a baby, social skills and other important life skills.

  • Preschool development
  • Preschool childcare
  • Preschool play
  • Q&A with experts

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Your blossoming child is at school, making friendships, becoming more independent and having fun. Our child section has great ideas and in-depth stories to help you encourage your child’s development. We tackle bullying, sibling rivalry and manners, we round up the best apps, books, toys and movies, and also look at your kids online. 
Also: In our primary school section in the Learn hub we also discuss all things related to Grade R to Grade 7, from homework and exams to developing their budding talents with extra-curricular activities. 

  • Child development
  • Child care
  • Fun and play

Related: A-Z of common childhood illnesses, Learn: primary school section, school-free exemption calculator.


Your teenager is now a young adult and it can be hard for parents to relate and accept their children’s own views. Parent24 helps parents with articles about supporting your teen, helping them find a career path, and giving them the freedom to explore their own identity while staying true to your core values. We also cover topical issues such as underage drinking, dating, peer pressure, academic pressure, and online habits.

  • Teen development
  • Teen fun

Related: Learn: high school section, Learn: old exam papers and study guides.


Parent24’s family hub is designed to help moms and dads in several important areas:

  • parenting advice
  • legal and financial issues from maternity leave to child maintenance and choosing a medical aid
  • adoption
  • family recipes and nutrition, including meal plans, lunchbox ideas quick and easy recipes
  • health, dealing with everything from common childhood diseases to winter wellness
  • nutrition and supplements
  • birthday parties
  • family travel and family holidays
  • date night: we ask parents to submit selfies of them enjoying a romantic date. CAN BE SPONSORED.


This new school section is very popular on Parent24. In our primary school and high school sections, we help parents and learners with study guides, old matric exam papers, homework help, and study methods. We also round up SA’s top schools and look at the costs of stationery and extra-mural activities. We also offer advice for those wishing to further their studies at tertiary institutions. And then we discuss certain learning difficulties and help parents with expert advice. 

  • Primary school
  • High school
  • Practice exam papers and study guides
  • Tertiary studies
  • Learning difficulties

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A to Z of Common Ailments

From asthma to whooping cough, we discuss the common childhood diseases, the symptoms, the treatment and when to worry (or not).

Baby Name Finder

Our truly unique baby name list has more than 4,000 baby names, many of which are in South Africa’s local languages!

Development Milestones

The key milestones your baby or toddler would reach at approximate stages.

Pregnancy week by week

41 updates to guide you through your entire pregnancy.

Baby week by week

Weekly updates to help you understand your baby’s development. 

Due-date calculator

Work out your baby’s arrival date with this due-date calculator.

Ovulation calculator

Calculate your most and least fertile days. 

School fees exemption calculator

See if you qualify for school fee discounts.

Vaccination calendar

Get information on every vaccine, disease and the timetables for both private and state schedules. 

Old exam papers and study guides

A list of old matric exam papers for every subject, as well as a selection of study guides for various grades.

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