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BABY HOW TO: Our handy guide to babies!

New parent? Here's our list of the important bits you want to know.

Toddler (1-2)

It's all fun and game until you have to look after a toddler

Grandmother and freelance writer Michelle Martin was left tired out after witnessing her grandson's behaviour over the Easter holiday.


We review the updated Baby & Childcare Handbook by parenting expert Marina Petropulos

Ask your mom and grandmom – chances are they know Marina Petropulos and her now famous Baby & Childcare Handbook. The updated version just landed on our desks and new mom Wendy Kobe had a look to see if it still resonates with millennial moms.

Toddler (1-2)

Toddler disables his dad's tablet for 48 years: Digital lessons from a cautionary tale

It took father and writer Evan Osnos two days to unlock an Android device his toddler son had mistakenly locked until the year 2067. Don't be like Evan, learn how to fix these kinds of problems now.


Fisher-Price's Rock 'n Play Sleeper has been recalled after over 30 infant deaths

With more than 30 infant deaths reported after babies were thought to have rolled from their back to their stomach and side while unrestrained, Fisher-Price has recalled all 4.7 million units of their popular Rock 'n Play Sleeper.


WATCH: While we await the arrival of Royal Baby Sussex, enjoy these throwbacks of an adorable Prince Harry as a little boy

While we anxiously await the arrival of Royal Baby Sussex, enjoy these throwback of an adorable Harry doing as he pleases on the palace balcony, getting reprimanded by William as he tries to get hold of a puppy and competing at his school sports day.


We're giving away Marina Petropulos's updated Baby and Child Care Handbook!

There is no such thing as overpreparing when baby is on the way. We have an awesome opportunity for moms and dads-to-be hoping to level up on their parenting game before their little one arrives.


"You really haven't lived until you've been puked on": Moms and dads reveal gross parenting moments

We spend 9 months mentally preparing for taking care of a baby but are we ever really prepared for just how gross things can get? If you have a story, send it to us. We know you have one. Because #parentingisgross.


This 4-month-old baby’s hair turns heads wherever he goes

Baby Boston is only 4 months old, but he already has a stunning, envy-worthy head of hair.


IN PICTURES: Cardi B's baby girl Kulture looks just like her famous mom

We've been waiting for Cardi to show off her baby on social media since 2018 and the star has finally come through.


Wimpy responds to breastfeeding shaming incident

A Parent24 reader shares a bad experience of being shamed while breastfeeding her child at a Wimpy in a Gauteng mall. But Wimpy came out in support of breastfeeding moms, saying their family restaurants are breastfeeding friendly.


Mom uses pizza to mark her baby’s monthly growth – and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today!

This mom found a cheesy way to celebrate her baby’s growth (and it's not the #cheesechallenge).


Don't throw cheese at your baby: Outrage over new social media craze

The latest craze involves sliced cheese. And while it has many in stitches, others are outraged by it.

Toddler (1-2)

The simple reason this mom wore her toddler on her back as she walked down the aisle

Dalton wore her baby girl on her back as she walked down the aisle for a simple reason. But it made for the most special moment and beautiful images.


Gail Mabalane's open letter to her son for his 1st birthday

Local celeb mom Gail Mabalane shares precious memories every mom can relate to.


Dad photoshops his newborn son doing hilarious ‘manly’ tasks

A creative American dad has shared an unforgettable photoshoot with his newborn son, which shows him undertaking hilarious “manly” tasks – including fishing, lifting weights and chopping wood.

Development & Behaviour

Why a baby that looks like dad is often a healthier baby

A US study has found that dads who live apart from the family are more likely to visit their babies if their offspring look like them. And babies who have regular, positive contact with their dads, are healthier. Here are the findings.

Toddler (1-2)

WATCH: Heart-warming moment toddler tries to use sign language to communicate with deaf dad

"Maria is very smart. When I watched the video, I was very moved, I cried."


Beware the Brussels sprouts: People told Hilary Duff to stop eating these veggies and it could solve all your colicky problems too

Mom and gran's probably told you to avoid certain foods at all costs while breastfeeding. You can add Brussels sprouts to that list too, as Hilary Duff found out.


5 SA celebs share how they will be celebrating Christmas as first-time moms

Several local actresses, models, singers and TV presenters will be celebrating their first Christmas as moms this year. Here’s what they’re planning.


Rachel McAdams makes the breast pump “happen”

Rachel McAdams breast pumping while dripped in Bulgari diamonds and Versace is everything we never knew we needed to see.

Toddler (1-2)

WATCH: This toddler's big sister instinct is just too adorable

This is what a Day One connection looks like. This toddler's reaction to a nurse wanting to take her newborn sister away for a check-up is just the cutest.


Wear a dress, save a life! How Milk Matters is encouraging the donation of breast milk

Join Milk Matters is doing something amazing this December and save the lives of babies who desperately need breastmilk to survive.


“Too many mothers are throwing away life-saving breastmilk”: Why you should consider becoming a breastmilk donor

Moms of preemies and adoptive moms share how donated breastmilk saved the lives of their little ones. Here's how to become a volunteer.


From the palmar to the pincer grasp: All those wonderful newborn reflexes to look out for

From wrapping their tiny hands around your finger to the steps they take when you hold them up, we’ve listed all the newborn reflexes you’ll want to monitor as you watch your little ones grow.


WATCH: The pincer grasp

A video demonstrating the pincer grasp.


WATCH: The palmar grasp reflex

A video demonstrating the palmar grasp reflex in newborns.


IN PICS: True Thompson’s adorable first Halloween outfits

Khloe Kardashian decided to go all out for her little girl’s first Halloween wardrobe.


WATCH: Kylie’s trying to get Stormi to start talking and it’s positively adorable

Kylie Jenner is trying to get Stormi to start talking, and it's not to say the usual "mama" or "dada" – Stormi's already got that down. But "Kylie Cosmetics" – that'd really be something.
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