Baby (0-2)



BABY HOW TO: Our handy guide to babies!

New parent? Here's our list of the important bits you want to know.


Cape Town quadruplets mom's lavish baby shower

New mom Inga Mafenuka from Cape Town was spoilt rotten at a baby shower for her quadruplets born in July. We joined the Kfm crew for the festivities.


Mum beats odds of one in 500,000 to have three sets of twins

Meet the mom who had three sets of twins!


Feeding. Poop. Sleep: New Zealand's prime minister finds new focus as mom

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says focusing on the basic needs of her baby girl has helped her appreciate why people with young families may not find time for politics.

Baby (0-2)

Breastfeeding at work should be normal!

Breastfeeding moms: stand up for your rights when returning to work, says the SABR.


19 baby questions you Google most – ANSWERED!

From in the womb to kicking and screaming when they're finally out – here are your commonly searched and asked questions about your baby and all their developmental milestones.


IN PICTURES: Breastfeeding moms rule the world

We're going hard for World Breastfeeding Week honouring moms in high places who refuse to accept public breastfeeding as a taboo.


‘I have no intention or desire to flash you my boob’ – Jo-Ann Strauss on breastfeeding

Former Miss South Africa Jo-Ann Strauss recently shared a heartfelt post on Instagram in celebration of Breastfeeding Week.


WATCH: "Breastfeeding in public is an act of love"

Thousands of women gathered in protest to destigmatise public breastfeeding in Colombia. Warning: you may see a breast or two!


29 reasons why breastfeeding makes sense

Breastmilk is the only food a baby needs. Here an expert breaks down the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers, babies and communities.


"Endangering society's moral fabric"? These Indian moms fight back against breastfeeding bashers

In India, you can be charged with nudity, obscenity and endangering society's moral fabric if you breastfeed in public. Here are the warriors who set out to change society's perceptions.


Cardi B has just been declawed in the name of her baby girl Kulture

2018's It Girl just had a baby and isn't afraid to step down her style to take care of her.


Clawing baby, hiding mother: How annoying it is when baby scratches your face

Cooing babies make my ovaries burst out in applause – seriously, I just want to have a small baby and squeeze her right now. And then I remember the pinching and scratching...


Eight-month-old baby girl’s long locks turn her into a celebrity

This little tot’s hair has grabbed everyone’s attention! How long is your baby's?


Russell Brand welcomes second baby girl

The funnyman has expanded his brood and is now dad to two little girls.


SA babies need more exclusive breastfeeding, less mixed feeding

We're not saying there's anything wrong with formula milk if prescribed by your doctor, but South Africa’s health department should be educating health workers on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and the risks of mixed feeding.


Serena Williams says she has never spent a day away from her daughter

Serena says she hasn't spent a single day without baby Alexis since she was born and we totally get it – separation anxiety is real, mama!


Chrissy Teigen reveals her secret to saving spilled breast milk

Chrissy Teigen has revealed her secret to save spilled breast milk – a syringe.

Development & Behaviour

Developmental milestones: newborn to 12 months

All the developmental milestones from newborn to 1 year.


Piercing your baby's ears: Should you? At what age? We shed light

When is it acceptable to get your baby’s ears pierced? Is there a right age? Are there any specific SA laws prohibiting parents from getting their baby’s ears pierced? And how do I take care of my baby's ears if they've already been pierced? We've got all the answers.

Baby food

No, giving your baby solid food early won't help them sleep better

Despite recent headlines and claims that giving babies solid foods at just 3 months will help them sleep better, there is a reason we wait until 6 months, or 17 weeks at the very earliest. A few extra minutes a night is not worth all the risks associated with introducing solids earlier.


Why anti-vaxxers think they know more than medical experts

Vaccinations have saved countless lives and untold suffering, but many adults still believe vaccines are bad for their children, despite the scientific facts and medical experts' opinions. Could pro-vaccination celebs sway their opinion?


Kylie Jenner had her 5-month-old’s ears pierced – and the internet isn’t happy

There’s no perfect formula for raising children – most times, what works for one family, might not work for another.


Why the US pro-formula milk policy is not about families, but money

We're not saying there's no space for formula milk if your doctor has recommended it, but indiscriminately promoting breast-milk substitutes to bolster the industry?


This man "breastfed" his newborn baby girl and it's the sweetest thing you'll see today

His wife needed immediate treatment after an emergency c-section and he was asked to take over breastfeeding duties. Yes, really.


WATCH: Jo-Ann Strauss, Eva Longoria, Katlego Maboe, Candice Swanepoel, and 15 other celebrities who joined the parent club this year

Can you believe we're halfway through the year already? We made a pretty video round-up of local and international A-listers who added to their families since January 2018. Prepare to go aah!


IN PICS: Serena Williams’ daughter is too adorable

From her killer selfies with her dad, to playing with her mom – the 10-month-old surely knows how to steal hearts.
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