Happy birthday! Leap Day babies share their stories with us

"This is a milestone as she is younger than her youngest grandchild!"


When your birthday disappears, when do you celebrate? This, and other amazing Leap Day facts

Those born on 29 February are called Leaplings, Leapers, Leapsters or Leap Day babies.


WATCH: Has baby fever hit the Biebers?

"Since I was young, I always wanted to be married; I always wanted a family... I didn't know that would happen, so I'm really pumped about it."


PICS: Local celebs who are expecting babies this year

It seems like 2020 is indeed #20plenty in celebville as several local celebrity couples have announced new additions to their families.


And the cutest baby of 2019 was...

Parent24 has taken a look at some of the cutest babies of the year, and here is our favourite...


The 10 most Googled babies of 2019

From the Royal Baby to Baby Shark and Baby Yoda, here's a look at the most popular infants of 2019.

Baby (0-2)

Christmas baby: One present or two? The debate rages on

Do you celebrate your birthday on the biggest holiday of the year? How do you feel about it?


Why it’s okay for kids to believe in Father Christmas

Imagination and play encourage children to think through hypothetical situations and create new worlds — and even to develop new possibilities for our shared world.


WATCH: 10 times children hearing for the first time stole our hearts

And as we close off this decade, we thought Parent24 readers were due for a refresher of our favourite videos showing babies hearing for the first time.


WATCH: Adorable deaf baby smiles from cheek-to-cheek when hearing aid is switched on

Little Georgina Addison, who is four-months-old, was born deaf and had two hearing aids fitted when she was just a few weeks old.


WATCH: My baby got mad because he didn’t get a kiss goodbye!

See how upset little Alex is that his mommy did not say goodbye properly.


Babies with toothy smiles are breaking the internet

These images prove that maybe newborn gummy grins are better for everyone!


Discovery of prehistoric baby bottles shows infants were fed cow’s milk 5,000 years ago

This research gives us a greater insight into the lives of mothers and babies in the past and how prehistoric families were dealing with infant feeding and nutrition at what would have been a very risky time in an infant’s life.


Dad plans, toddler pees - You won't believe what this toddler did during his parent's 'romantic' proposal

Adding new meaning to the word photobomber, this 3-year-old just turned his parent's proposal into an internet classic.


WATCH: The #PandaSneeze challenge is 'ridiculously adorable'

What is the parenting life without a few laughs at your offspring's expense? And the latest #PandaSneeze challenge is just the thing for a belly-ache inducing laugh.


IN PICTURES: See which South African celebrity babies made their grand entrance in 2019

Here are the ongoing arrivals to the many celebrity babies of 2019 (so far).


WATCH: This 6-year-old serenading his baby sister will make you ugly cry

Is this the sweetest boy in the world or what?


Woman thought she had kidney stones but gave birth to triplets: ‘We’re still in shock’

A mom got the shock of her life after being rushed to hospital with what she thought were kidney stones.


Lootlove shares adorable first photos of twins 'Hip and Hop'

Celebrity mom and television personality Luthando Shosha has revealed the first official photos of her kids to the public and we are in love.


WATCH: These dads 'giving birth' at a baby shower is just too much

"You got to shake bae, you got to shimmer. Use those shoulders." If only real-life labour were this easy.


Dads shown major love on nappy packaging and it's about time

A well-known brand is targeting the absent, uninvolved dad cliché by placing images of fathers lovingly holding their babies front and centre.


WATCH: Clip of parents purposefully ‘bumping’ their babies’ heads goes viral

The prank which was first shared on Reddit has received mixed reactions, with some parents describing it as cruel.
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