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Can I move my child to a different school?

Is your child changing schools? A new start doesn't have to be traumatic. Follow these basic tips on making the transition as smooth as possible.

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An incredible way to do maths: finger calculations the Indian way

Curious to know how the Indian school children do fast calculations on their fingers?

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Struggling to afford school fees? Here's how to apply for school-fee exemption

Know your rights and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

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How to form a school lift club

We wake up at ridiculous hours of the morning so we can rush our children to school. Car-pooling is a solution that could bring about an easier, efficient and less stressful way of dealing with all this morning madness.

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Top tips from teachers to parents

"Offer words of encouragement and motivation, as this will build confidence."

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School admission nightmare? Here’s what to do

If you haven’t yet managed to get your child into a school for 2018, you urgently need to make a plan. Here's what to do.

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Back to school: teachers, extramurals, lift clubs

Follow our checklist and you'll skip the 2018 back-to-school anxiety.

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Back to school blues: how to help your child with shyness

Need help understanding your child's back-to-school social anxiety? Here's how you can help your shy child adjust to their new environment.

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The NSC supplementary exam timetable 2018

Our matrics of 2017 are writing their supplementary exams now. Here are the dates and times for each paper. Good luck, matrics!

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“Where do I turn to for help?”: Parents unable to place their children in school share their stories

For some parents the school year has already turned sour with many reporting that they have been unable to find placement, despite applying early.

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How to cope with repeating a grade

Failing a grade is not the end of the world.

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Make 'meet-the-teachers' matter

Believe it or not, parent-teacher meetings can be both enjoyable and helpful.

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WATCH: Delicious & nutritious lunchboxes for the kids for every day of the week!

School starts today! Get some great, nutritious ideas for packing the best lunchboxes.

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WATCH: Get creative with these back-to-school book covers

Keep the kids occupied and make things just a little easier for yourself with these book cover ideas.

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Is your child anxious about the first day of school?

Whether primary school or tertiary, first days are a nerve-wracking affair. Here's how you can help your child adapt to their new surroundings.

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How to budget for primary school 2018

Making sure you know exactly what the costs for your child's school year will be, can help to avoid some nasty surprises!

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Back-to-school budgeting: Do your homework before school closes

Going back to school after the long summer holiday can be stressful for everyone, especially parents.

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How to prepare your child for ‘big school’

Going to Grade 1 is an adjustment for both child and parent. Here’s how to prepare and adapt.

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School uniforms? No thanks.

Sam Wilson wonders if school uniforms are really necessary?

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Back to school checklist

Here’s what you really need to make a smooth start to the year.

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Don't let school fees sink you

With the kids back at school, school fees and the expense of education in South Africa is a hot topic. 'Fee-free' is the new buzz word, but what does it actually mean?

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Keep their gear in tip-top shape

Keeping your children's school clothes neat and tidy can be a daunting task. They are worn daily, and are subjected to plenty of wear and tear. The experts advise..

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School reading list

Here's a reading list that might interest your school going kids.

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Starting Grade 1

The 3Rs of Grade 1 for new parents. Pretty useful for other parents too!
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