WATCH: 5 mason jar Father’s Day gift ideas

From a shaving and vanity kit to homemade marinade for dad's next braai, we've put together 5 gift ideas for Father's Day and they all fit perfectly into these reusable mason jars.


WATCH: Easy peasy pizza hacks

For International Pizza Party Day on Friday (yes, it's a thing), check out this video with pizza hacks to make delicious snacks in just a few minutes.


WATCH: How to make pretty pressed petals for your picture frame

A quick and easy DIY showing you how to press flowers and incorporate them into a beautiful gift that ends up looking pretty as a picture!


WATCH: Quill a gift card for mom this Mother's Day

Take gift giving and card decorating to the next level with this quilling tutorial – perfect for Mother's Day. And don't forget grandma!


WATCH: How to create pretty pictures with fluid painting

We're sure the kids have done just about everything there is to occupy themselves after their homework's complete in the week and they've watched all the movies on TV over the weekends. But have they tried fluid painting?


WATCH: How to make bunny bait chocolate mousse for Easter

We thought we'd put together a little video for you of a fun Easter surprise you can prepare for your kids.


WATCH: How to make marble mugs perfect for market day

Your little one might be looking for things to make and sell at their school's market day. How about these quick and easy DIY marble mugs?


WATCH: A fun way to save with DIY shadow money boxes

Planning to save for the matric dance, the school history tour or the latest gadget? Well, we’ve got an easy savings plan for you as well as a DIY shadow money box to store all your funds.

Date night

WATCH: What research has to say about maintaining a happy marriage

Is it ever really possible to understand the complexities of human relationships, especially one as complicated as marriage – with kids? We looked at decades of research and found 6 tips for a happy, longstanding marriage.


WATCH: Spread the love: Make your own Valentine’s Day chocolates and download these adorable punny cards

Help the kids make something special for their friends this Valentine's Day with these printable cards and chunks of love (chocolate)!


WATCH: This DIY gift is the perfect match for your Valentine!

Help your child to make these mini DIY gifts for all their friends. All you need are sweeties, matchboxes and our Parent24 printables.


WATCH: Summer’s not over yet! Make your own icy lemonade lollies!

How to make refreshing ice lollies at home using fruit, sweets and a whole lot of lemonade.


WATCH: A DIY 2018 calendar and printable 2018 school holiday guide to make planning just a little easier!

Everything you need to kick off your 2018 and make sure it’s your family’s best year yet.

Back to School

WATCH: Get creative with these back-to-school book covers

Keep the kids occupied and make things just a little easier for yourself with these book cover ideas.

Back to School

WATCH: Delicious & nutritious lunchboxes for the kids for every day of the week!

School starts today! Get some great, nutritious ideas for packing the best lunchboxes.


WATCH: How to make fluffy unicorn poop!

A quick DIY video to show you how to make fluffy slime.


WATCH: Teach kids about science with this homemade lava lamp!

This is a great way to teach the kids basic science - check out this easy lava lamp experiment!

Birthday parties

WATCH: How to make unicorn cupcakes!

Kids love birthday parties and they absolutely love unicorns. So we thought we'd combine the two and make a video to show you how to make the perfect unicorn cupcakes!

Birthday parties

WATCH: How to make frilly fondant flowers fit for a princess party!

We put together a video to show you how easy it can be to make gorgeous cake decorations using fondant. Watch us make roses, daisies and carnations for the perfect floral-themed cupcakes!
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