WATCH: Amy Schumer's re-imagining of what goes on in the delivery room is so accurate we're getting flashbacks watching it

Was the day your little one was born the best day of your life? Or do you too still get flashbacks of everything that went down? Did it go a little something like this?


Here are the celeb babies we'll meet in 2019

New year, new little bundles of joy on the way! Here's a list of celebs who are due to give birth in 2019.

Baby names

These are the most anticipated baby names for 2019!

If you’re welcoming a little one next year, then you should probably take a look at the list of baby names below.

Baby names

See what influenced the top 100 baby names in America in 2018

You may be disappointed but probably not surprised by what inspired the name choices of American parents this year.


Cardi B shares hilarious mom tweets

If there is anything parents to a baby can relate to, it's poop. Cardi B has been sharing what she hates about parenting her baby girl, and we'd say she's right on track to becoming a momsplainer.

Getting Ready

It's official! South African dads are getting paid paternity leave!

It's been nearly a year since the news that South African dads would be able to spend 10 working days at home with their new families. And this past Friday, the Labour Laws Amendment Bill was officially signed into law. Here's what you need to know.

Pregnancy health

Kenya Moore opens up about pregnancy complication

The 47-year-old is currently pregnant with her first baby, after years of wanting to start a family.


WATCH: Beautiful pregnancy transformation in a cute stripy bikini

This mom of three put together a precious video of her week-by-week pregnancy transformation and we're in awe!


Twins who’d both suffered miscarriages give birth to daughters on same day

These identical twins never thought they’d give birth on the same day!

Baby names

Baby nick names: Did you go with a designated one or come up with your own?

Every nickname has a story of origin, but there are a few names that just come with assigned nicknames. Here are the most popular among them.

Baby names

KFC gives parents 165K for naming their newborn after founder Colonel Sanders

KFC has given an American couple – who named their daughter after the chain’s founder, Colonel Sanders – about R165 000.


OPW presenter Kayise Ngqula shares special message to all pregnant women

OPW presenter Kayise Ngqula recently welcomed her first child and now she is sharing a special message to all moms-to-be.


"We're" pregnant? Uh, I don't think so

Men using the term "we're pregnant" when their partner falls pregnant has become more and more popular, but it also seems to have become equally as, well, annoying.

Baby names

65 names that could inspire Meghan and Harry's name choice for the Royal baby

For generations, the British Royal family have faithfully looked to past family members to inspire the name choice for new family members, and this list could reveal the next Royal baby's name.


Supermom performs kickboxing routine while in labour

Expectant mother Andrea Allen from Arizona, US was filmed throwing jabs and kicks while in labour in her bedroom.


WATCH: Have you heard of the famous salad that makes you go into labour?

Romaine, watercress, walnuts and gorgonzola, topped with a balsamic vinaigrette, have the power to induce labour? Apparently. These moms swear this salad made them go into labour hours after eating it.

Getting Ready

30 Budget-savvy tips to help afford a baby

There’s no way to sugar-coat it: having a baby is going to cost money. But it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you plan well and spend your money wisely.


His girlfriend asked him to do what? As far as unreasonable pregnancy requests go, this one's right up there

True, women do most of the heavy lifting during pregnancy, but this mom-to-be may have gone a bit too far? See what the internet had to say.


We know what you did last summer – top months South Africans are making babies!

We know exactly when South Africans are conceiving and we've kind of figured out why too...


Woman pregnant with triplets shares pictures of huge tummy

A mother expecting triplets documented her growing baby bump – and the pictures are extraordinary!

Foetal development

WATCH: This blind Argentinian couple found a way to see their unborn baby and it will get you right in the feels

How did you feel the first time you found out you were going to be a mom or dad? What about when you saw that very first sonogram? For blind Argentinian couple Silvina Ibarra and Daniel Iturria, "it was truly a beautiful experience".


WATCH: "I witnessed my body take over and a baby be born into my hands": A mom gives birth to her 5th child in a moving car

Just when you think you're familiar with the miracle of birth, this happens! The Swinney family shared their incredible birth video and it's mind-blowing.

Pregnancy health

Pregnant? You may want to talk to your doctor about vitamin D

Vitamin D is in the news a lot these days - from heart health to bone health to risk of cancer, but what about pregnancy?

Pregnancy health

“See, I told you it was a real thing!” – our readers' hilarious responses to men getting morning sickness

Yes, dads can get morning sickness too! And to shed some light on "the involuntary manifestation of pregnancy in men”, or couvade syndrome, moms weighed in while dads shared their experiences of morning sickness, those crazy cravings and even... death?

Getting Ready

How to prepare your cat or dog for the arrival of your new baby

As you make your preparations for the new arrival, don’t forget to spare a thought for some important family members – your four-legged friends.

Baby names

Wanderlust! Baby names inspired by places

Whether you're widely travelled or just looking for a distinctive name for your baby, here are 19 place-inspired baby names to choose from.

Baby names

Could this rapper dad be the reason behind SA's number one baby name?

Music has been known to inspire parents' choice of names for their little ones – and we have a feeling this SA rapper is behind the most popular name in the country.

Pregnancy health

Yes, dads can get morning sickness too, and it's called couvade syndrome

Have you heard of couvade syndrome? It's when men are either physiologically or psychologically affected by their partner's pregnancy to such an extent that they adopt phantom pregnancy symptoms themselves. In this article we explain the syndrome and one of our readers shares his experiences.
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