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Track star Allyson Felix criticises Nike maternity policy

Olympic track and field star Allyson Felix joined a chorus of recent criticism against Nike. The brand recently came under fire for penalising athletes for taking time off after having a baby.


Celine Dion shared the surreal experience she had after giving birth

Celebrity status has its drawbacks, including privacy violations that come with the spotlight. Celine Dion has shared the unpleasant experience of seeing her son on television — before she'd even held him.


This is what happens to a baby’s body during birth

Delivering a human baby is risky for mom. But let's not forget that baby goes through the birth process too.

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Pregnant women and babies can be vegans – careful nutrition planning is key

Can you follow a vegan diet and still meet specific nutrient requirements in pregnancy? Of course. But there are rules to follow to guide your food choices and ensure you and baby get the nutrients you need. This Australian study sets them out nicely, with a useful pregnancy sample menu to get you started.

Pregnancy health

#WithoutMom: This ad crushed us ahead of Mother’s Day – now is the time to fight for moms

The Rockefeller Foundation released a video ahead of Mother’s Day that got us right in the feels. But it also shed light on the fact that we lose so many moms, every day, simply because we don't have the interventions in place to prevent the very many things that can go wrong in pregnancy and childbirth.


The world’s longest pregnancy has us all speculating about Meghan’s reasons for her privacy requests

There’s nothing private about being a royal. Surely it’s her job to show us this baby? Tori Hoffmann gives us her theories on why the Duchess of Sussex isn't going anywhere near the steps of St Mary’s hospital.


Meghan Markle's preference for a private childbirth is nothing new – in fact, it's how it was always done

Publicising the deeply personal was not always the norm, and in satisfying her wish to keep her child's birth as private as possible, the Duchess may be taking inspiration from an old tradition harking back to the middle ages.


World record: Healthy twin miraculously born more than three months after her preemie sister – and both are thriving!

These twin girls from Germany were born more than three months apart in what medics believe is a world record.

Baby names

200 beautiful Xhosa baby names

We've put together an awesome list of 200 Xhosa baby names and their meanings.

Baby names

Princess Diana was the lowkey baby name inspiration for Harry and Meghan's newborn son

Archie Harrison wasn't even on our list! All bets placed on Royal baby Sussex are officially off and we were wrong about pretty much everything.

Pregnancy health

Don’t kiss your kids? Questioning the recent advice about CMV in pregnancy

Make sure your countertops are clean at all times. Do not share food and drinks with your kids. Do not kiss your kids... Honestly, none of these guidelines to avoid CMV in pregnancy seem manageable for pregnant moms because quite frankly, homes aren’t hospitals and interacting with kids will always be messy. Health professionals seem ever ready to stoke up guilt with their advice and we're starting to question the recent guidelines to avoid CMV in pregnancy.

Pregnancy health

5 yoga moves for moms-to-be like Meghan

With Meghan Markle due to give birth soon, we take a look at five yoga techniques perfect for pregnant moms, with celebrity pregnancy expert Jane Wake.


Amy Schumer's pregnancy diaries: She hates being pregnant at the same time as her "nemesis" Meghan Markle

Pregnancy has been tough on 37-year-old comedian Amy Schumer. Thankfully, laughter is the best medicine and she's been self-administering a few heavy doses.

Baby names

These are the most popular baby names of 2019 in the US so far

While traditional options continue to be picked by parents, quirky baby names have soared in popularity in 2019!


Woman gives birth to twins 26 days after first child was born

A Bangladesh woman has given birth to three children, all in the space of a month, CNN reports.


The death rate for mothers having C-sections is 50 times higher in Africa – but all is not lost

Maternal mortality is much higher in Africa, but all is not lost. Here's where the problem lies and how a group of over 1000 clinician investigators, who span over 30 African countries, are working tirelessly to improve surgical outcomes in Africa.


WATCH: Seconds after she was born Hilary Duff's daughter gave her a hug

“I couldn’t believe how strong she was but it was so clearly a hug. It made me feel like she was like, ‘Go team, go. We did it. Together!’”


All-you-can-eat feasts and big money envelopes: Here's how families do baby showers around the world

How do you celebrate mom-to-be and baby-on-the-way in your family?

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FEATURE DOCUMENTARY: Baby Faced Mums (episodes 1-8)

Watch full episodes of BBC’s Baby Faced Mums here.

Baby names

Would you name your next child after a Game of Thrones character?

The perfect inspiration for baby names or bad idea? Here are 38 options from the ever-popular series.


It's not just pregnant women men find sexy, it's ovulating women as well

To ensure the human race has every chance of survival, mother nature rigged the male brain to find fertility sexy. But at 34 weeks, this mom is asking men to lay off the flirting, it's just plain gross!


"I trained my old dog to pick up anything I couldn’t reach" and other hilarious pregnancy hacks

Getting dressed on the stairs? Wearing slippers to the grocery store? Sounds ridiculous but a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do.

Baby names

This app is like Tinder but for baby names

Your baby naming prayers have been answered, and the solution is fully downloadable for both Android and iPhone.

Pregnancy health

This mom-to-be compiled every piece of morning sickness advice she could find in one hilarious post

"If things get really bad, you can always get stronger meds. Your mother in law definitely won't say things like, "Well, in my day, we weren't allowed to take ANYTHING for nausea. We just dealt with it..." THANKS, SHARON" - This mom-to-be shared hilarious tips and advice to women going through the same dreaded morning sickness she is and we can't stop laughing.


You don't want to mess with a pregnant woman in extreme nesting mode

Expectant moms, are you finding yourself in extreme nesting mode? You're not alone. Here are the many faces of the lovely gift mother nature bestowed on all moms-to-be.

Pregnancy health

Expecting moms, you may want to talk to your doctor about gestational diabetes

“Gestational diabetes is most common from 20 weeks of pregnancy and is rarely diagnosed before this." 10 to 16 February as Pregnancy Awareness Week in South Africa, and here we discuss one of the most common but unknown health risk developed during pregnancy.

Pregnancy health

Stretch marks: The one thing you never thought could help

You may have some stored in the fridge at the moment, you may be busy making it right now, but we bet you didn't know just how powerful that liquid gold really is...


Why do people get upset when you don't want to know the gender of your unborn baby?

"Our first was a girl and we literally had people asking my husband if he was disappointed." Why do people get this offensive? Even asking expectant parents why they don't want to find out the gender of their unborn can be too much. Not your business!

Pregnancy health

FEATURE DOCUMENTARY: The world’s busiest maternity ward

Anita Rani investigates rapidly growing populations in the developing world in this BBC feature documentary.
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