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School matters

Inspire Africa launches innovative STEAM program in SA schools

"We want to get the youth of today excited, by providing the opportunity for them to learn new skills and use these skills in their future development and employment."

Preschool (2-6)

Fight that urge to help your little one: let them problem-solve!

We all know that problem-solving is important, but how do we encourage it?

Primary school

Future skills: Time management

The final article in our Future Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution series, where we provide parents with the information they need to help their children to thrive in an increasingly high-tech world.


Did this family really just get a visit from the Easter Bunny?

"We didn't have money for candy or Easter baskets for our kids... My husband and I felt like the biggest failures as parents." One mom shares her story about the stranger who completely changed her family's Easter weekend, and I'm not crying, you are.


Boys’ attention and social behaviour is linked to earnings 30 years later

Behaviours identified as early as kindergarten have always been clues for how one may turn out in adulthood. This study explores boys’ attention and prosocial behaviour and found a link to their potential earnings.

High school

Here's how you can help your kids see schooling as a small part of a much bigger picture

If we only focus on school as curriculum mastery and we do not stand back and point out the life journey to our kids, they will likely never realise this for themselves.

Primary school

AI in schools? Here’s what we need to consider

AI's already filtered through most of what we do. Just ask Siri. But soon enough, it'll also play a vital role in your child's education. Will it replace teachers in the classroom? Probably not. But it's important for us to understand its potential as well as its limitations.

Primary school

Future skills: Leadership

Leadership is a skill that will stand our children in good stead one day, regardless of the career they end up in. But how can schools and parents foster and nurture leadership? A teacher explains.


Future skills: How to teach kids empathy, kindness and patience

We’re launching an exciting new series called Future Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Which skills do our children need to master now for when "the robots take over"? (They won't, not entirely, but bear with us!)


"Just teach your kids how to do stuff!" – 10 Practical skills every parent should impart on their child

"My child can't even do that..." Well, did you teach them how to do it? Here's why upskilling your child every year will empower them and free up your time.

School matters

OPINION: As 2018 draws to an end, let’s finally say goodbye to learning styles

Is it really true that “learning styles” does not work? ITSI CEO, Lieb Liebenberg, dispels commonly held myths about how the brain and learning works.


WATCH: Why we should let our kids be rebels (and have cereal milk in every shade of pink)

We've always considered rebelliousness an act that should be reprimanded, even punished. But Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino suggests we shift our thinking of "effective rebels". And she may be on to something.

Primary school

How lab coats help students see themselves as future scientists

There is no doubt that jobs in science, technology, engineering and maths are important for the progression of our country. Well, here's an innovative way we can get more students interested in the STEM subjects early on.


Cape Town's very own Tiger Woods is taking the world by storm and he's just 8

Get used to the name Traigh Pathon, because you’re guaranteed to get to know the young golfing phenom in the very near future. We spoke to his parents about the ins and outs of raising a champ.


5 brain-boosting reasons your kid should take up martial arts today!

From increasing attention span to significantly reducing aggression, research has proven there's more to martial arts than just great films.


Why dance is just as important as maths and science

Sir Ken Robinson, a global leader in educational reform, explains that we need to change the culture of education by focusing just as much attention on the arts, humanities and physical education, as we do on maths and science.

Primary school

How education today can combat disasters tomorrow

What history has taught us about education and empowering our kids – the leaders of the future, who could help to shape, manage and prevent climate change crises and wars.

School matters

How kids helped to design a science centre in George

Creative teaching could trigger a bigger interest in science, and could be a very necessary tool in improving education in South Africa.
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