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How to maintain a mature relationship with your spouse during the divorce process

It is humanly impossible to be fair and reasonable, or civilised in some cases, when in this overwhelmed state, so here are a few things to consider before your next encounter with your soon-to-be ex.

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On Global Fair Divorce Day, we speak to a local divorce mentor about how to ensure a fair divorce

25 June is Global Fair Divorce Day. We spoke to South African divorce mentor Sinta Ebersohn about how to ensure a fair separation and divorce.


Rapper Common opens up about the struggles of co-parenting

Rapper Common opened up about the hardships of fatherhood and his hopes of getting married one day.


Fathers forgotten when it comes to services to help them be good parents

Researchers say there are not enough services that help dads navigate the transition to fatherhood and this is hurting the children.


New research confirms involved dads enjoy healthier, happier lives

Paternity leave can increase fathers’ involvement in families, with positive impacts on children, co-parents and the dads themselves. Research has revealed that most fathers (90%, to be exact) feel parenting is their greatest joy.


New love complicates co-parenting says Kourtney Kardashian

Their relationship has been well-documented and now Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have opened up about the challenges they've had while adjusting to being co-parents and friends.


"This is the painful truth in our country": One dad's letter about the lack of support men get has resonated with many fathers across SA

“I could write a book on how the system in SA has always screwed the father in the best interest of the mother not the child.” Parents comment on custody battles, the justice system and the lack of support dads seem to get in South Africa.


Mshoza on being a mother and successfully co-parenting with her ex

'Jacob was there to support me and offered to take the children until I got back on my feet again'.


Masechaba Ndlovu has perfected co-parenting – and this is how you can do it too

“Your children’s best interests should always be your priority."

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"Alex and my kids are my everything": Jennifer Lopez and her new fiancé make life as a blended family look easy

JLo has found love again and this time her children have made her love story sweeter than it's ever been.


Solo moms: When dad works far away

Parenthood is hard, full-stop. But, what if you find yourself in a long-distance relationship with a child involved? Relationship psychologist weighs in...


These pictures of a little girl posing with her two dads went viral for all the right reasons!

Five-year-old Willow from Texas in the US doesn’t only have one amazing dad – she has two!

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Women open up about the pain of having deadbeat co-parents

According to family counsellor Pearl Ramotsamai, the issue of papgeld remains prevalent within our society for several reasons.


Cool for Christmas: Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez and other celebs making it work for the sake of the kids

Divorce and break-ups don't have to be nasty, especially when there are children involved. These celebs show us that Christmas can still be jolly even when co-parenting.


"A child does need both parents in their life, and the child should have a say in the custody arrangement"

"Are joint custody and shared parenting a child's right?" we asked. And one of our readers responded sharing that although his daughter now lives with him and it's important to give your child a say in the custody arrangement, children do still need both parents in their life.


How to tell your child you’re getting divorced

What you tell your children about your impending divorce, and the way you approach the situation, should depend on their age.

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AppClose helps you co-parent effectively

This app helps divorced parents co-parent in an easy and efficient way.


Guide to being a happy blended family

Blended families are becoming very common. Here's how to make the circle bigger.


10 ways parents can do divorce differently

Bypass the destructive effect divorce can have on a family, and move into the new territory of mediation and co-parenting.


Learn more about effective co-parenting

Delve into post-divorce parenting, psychology, counselling and coaching at the South African College of Applied Psychology's 6th annual Festival of Learning.
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