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"You are going to be okay" - Twitter's #myfirstperiod reveals dads are more involved than you might think

The recently trending topic invited women to share their first period experience, and a perhaps surprising number of stories involved dads coming to the rescue.


You won't believe the diagnosis and treatment for PMS back in the day

We know it now as PMS, but back in the day, theories around premenstrual syndrome were pretty horrific. Women were even put in asylums! Here we unpack another topic for budding adolescent girls.


Dear young man, here's what your dad may not tell you about sex (but should)

Mom, dad, can you remember your sexual awakening? Until that point, you'd been told that sex was something only grown-ups could talk about and yet, there you were with all these feelings bubbling under and you didn't know what to do with them. Well, that's what your son is feeling now. So read this or pass on to your son.


INFOGRAPHIC: First period tips and hacks

Here's a guide for your tween to cope with her first period at school and at home.


Phenomenal period warriors!

The Period Series for tweens and teens celebrates menstruators who are changing the way we talk and think about periods.


First period celebrations and not-so-celebrations

In some countries around the world, the whole family – even village – celebrates with the young woman. In other countries, we're too mortified to talk about periods. What is your family tradition?


Bloody hell! That's not fair!

Why should our girls still be too ashamed to admit when they're on their periods? Lesego gives a big old pep talk to our teens.


10 myths about periods that you may still believe

We've all heard a weird myth or old wives tale about periods, but just how many are true? Don't worry, none of them.


INFOGRAPHIC: Which menstruation product is the best for you?

There's more to menstruation hygiene than just pads and tampons. See our list to find out which one could be the best for your daughter or for you.


Dear tween me, let’s talk about your period, sweetie

No one ever sat me down and had the period talk with me. Well, not until it was too late. Here are a few things I wish were discussed with me before I got my period, and a few relatable memes of exactly what it feels like when you "become a lady".

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