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"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." - Albert Einstein


Read: The rainmaker (in English, Xitsonga, isiZulu and 5 more official languages)

Once upon a time in the Kgalagadi, there was a powerful old man named Rapula. Rapula had one of the greatest gifts in the world. He had the power to bring the clouds close together when they were far apart. He had the power to make it rain. He was known all over the land as Rapula, the rainmaker. Read on...


Find The Jungle Book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and dozens of other free audible stories here

Here's one way to keep the kids both occupied and educated during the national lockdown, and it's free!

Curious Minds

Why does English have so many different spelling rules?

English spelling has been evolving for over a thousand years and the muddle we’re in today is the fall-out of many different events that have taken place over this time.


'My love letter for parents': Gabrielle Union on her children's book called Welcome To The Party

From actress to voice over artist to author, is there anything Gabrielle Union can't do?


Jonathan Van Ness’ first children’s book is all about representation

Jonathan Van Ness' first children's book is called 'Peanut goes for gold', a non-binary guinea pig who does things completely differently, and has the time of their life.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Why the bat flies at night (in English, IsiZulu and 6 more official languages)

Once upon a time, many, many moons ago, there was a bush rat called Legotlo. Legotlo was a close friend of Mamanthwane, the bat. The two of them were always together. But Mamanthwane was jealous of Legotlo...


FREE DOWNLOAD: Timi and the barber (in English, isiXhosa, Sesotho and 5 more official languages)

Timi and his mother lived in Mozala Town. There was something very unusual about Timi – his hair! It grew very quickly. It grew so quickly that every Saturday, Timi’s mother had to take him to the barber to have his hair cut.


LISTEN: Lizo's song (English)

Lizo is a young, homeless boy who lives on the streets of Cape Town.


LISTEN: The birthday wish (English)

"Oh dear," thought Lethabo's mama as she sat at the kitchen table. "What shall I do? Tomorrow is Lethabo's birthday and there's very little money to buy a present."


It's Storytime! LISTEN: The little red hen (English)

Little Red Hen is feeling peckish and decides to make bread. She makes a list of what she needs and sets out into the sunny morning. She asks her friends for help but they all say no! Will she have to do everything by herself?


LISTEN: Three brothers and the pot of porridge (English)

This story is brought to you by Nal'ibali and Parent24.


LISTEN: I am an African (English)

This beautiful poem, 'I am an African', is written and performed by Nal'ibali's Story Bosso runner up - 11-year-old Millicent Motloutsi.

Curious Minds

Curious Minds: Do you know why Table Mountain is flat?

Located in the Western Cape, South Africa, Table Mountain is of one Cape Town's most famous natural attractions, and no matter how many times you've seen it, it's hard not to be amazed at just how flat it is. But what's the real reason for that table-like peak?


LISTEN | The Ugly Duckling (English)

The poor ugly duckling looks very different from the other ducklings. Will he ever be loved and accepted for who he is?

Curious Minds

LISTEN | Why do we lose our baby teeth?

When we’re babies, our teeth come through so we can start chomping on solid foods. Then something strange happens and we start to get wobbly teeth.


Someone just ruined 'This little piggy' and I am not ok

In a recent post on Facebook group Remarkably Average Parents, a mom revealed the awful truth.

Curious Minds

How do voices come out of our mouths?

The air from the lungs causes the vocal cords to move really quickly. This is called vibration and feels a bit like buzzing.


How to raise confident teenage girls

In her new book, Soar!, for high school girls’ Despina Senatore aims to help teenage girls thrive during their teen years and open their eyes to endless possibilities.
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