Matric past exam papers Matrics exams 2018!

Printables for parents


School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

PRINT IT: Free study guides for maths, science, languages and more

Every child deserves the best, and if we can help one child understand a subject better and achieve a higher mark in their exams, we sleep better at night. Here are study guides for many high-school grades in several subjects, available for free, courtesy of organisations who work tirelessly to help advance education in South Africa.


PRINT IT: SA's school holidays 2019 calendar

Start planning your holidays for next year! Here's our popular free printable school holiday calendar.

Matric past exam papers

PRINTABLE: The NSC 2018 exam calendar

The dates and times South African matrics will write their final exams in 2018.


WATCH: A fun way to save with DIY shadow money boxes

Planning to save for the matric dance, the school history tour or the latest gadget? Well, we’ve got an easy savings plan for you as well as a DIY shadow money box to store all your funds.


INFOGRAPHIC: Shall we talk about... contraceptives?

There are many ways for your teen to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Make sure they have all the knowledge they'll need.


INFOGRAPHIC: Which menstruation product is the best for you?

There's more to menstruation hygiene than just pads and tampons. See our list to find out which one could be the best for your daughter or for you.


WATCH: This DIY gift is the perfect match for your Valentine!

Help your child to make these mini DIY gifts for all their friends. All you need are sweeties, matchboxes and our Parent24 printables.


WATCH: Spread the love: Make your own Valentine’s Day chocolates and download these adorable punny cards

Help the kids make something special for their friends this Valentine's Day with these printable cards and chunks of love (chocolate)!

Family fun

Printable: weird and wacky holidays to celebrate in 2018

Talk like a pirate, bake chocolate cupcakes and laugh together... there's a day for everything!


Printable: Baby safety check list

Is your home safe for your active toddler? Your Baby compiled a comprehensive safety check list for you to download.

School-exams: Practice papers, study guides and exam advice

Printable: 5 things to remember when studying for exams

Check out this printable for useful exams tips and reminders before finals start.


Printable: Emergency contact information

Stick this handy list of important emergency numbers near your phone for the babysitter or nanny.

Family fun

Printable: 2017 school holidays in South Africa calendar

Here are SA's school and public holidays for 2017 in a neat downloadable calendar – plus a few handy tips on when to take to leave to get the maximum benefit!

Family fun

Printable: 2018 SA school holiday calendar

Download, print, save or send this handy school holiday calendar so you can start planning for the new year.

Getting Ready

Printable: Birth Plan

It's easy, fast and free. Print out copies for your doctor or send one to the hospital.

Getting Ready

Printable: A c-section birth plan

Just because you're having a c-section doesn't mean you can't have a birth plan in place.


Printable: School readiness work sheets

Here are beautiful sheets, specially designed by Your Baby magazine, to help your child prepare for Grade 1.


Printable: Free nursery rhymes!

Print these beautiful nursery rhymes and brighten up your baby's room.


Printable: Important family information

This is the page that should be right in front of your Family Binder. It contains all the important family information you'd need in case of an emergency.


Printable: First aid kit

Always keep your first aid kit stocked with our handy supply list.


Printable: Holiday packing checklist for baby

Travelling with a little one can be a bit daunting. This handy checklist makes sure you won't forget a thing.

Development & Behaviour

PRINTABLES: Growth charts for baby girls and boys

The new royal prince weighed a very healthy 3.9kg. To see where he – and your baby – plots on the growth charts, here are the World Health Organisation growth charts for boys and girls up to 5 years.
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