Ever wondered what comes after happily ever after? This artist turned Disney characters into parents and got it spot on
Isaiah Stephens turned Disney's most beloved characters into parents and we are absolutely loving it!
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Have you ever wondered what happened to Snow White after Prince Charming gave her that kiss of life? Or what happened to Cinderella after her Fairy Godmother Bippity Boppity Boo-ed her to the ball where she met her Prince, and after all that drama with her shoe, they eventually lived happily ever after?

What happened next?

What exactly is this ‘happily ever after’?

Well, while we are firm believers in raising not only princesses but warriors and queens, we also ran circles around our dreams looking for our Prince Charmings. And only to find that there was one last chapter before closing the book and so many challenges and adventures coming our way.

And the title of this unknown chapter, you ask? Well, parenthood, of course.

And artist Isaiah Stephens captured it perfectly in a series he did for Cosmopolitan showing all our favourite princesses and princes after happily ever after.

He started by capturing an expecting Jasmine and excited Aladdin.

And captioning Mulan and Shang, “Whatever their child grows up to be...it'll be badass!"

He posted an image of Aurora with the caption, “I’ll bet she wishes that sleeping curse was still activated right about now!”

But Belle looks like she certainly loved becoming a new mom.

Pocahontas “finally met someone with more energy than her!”

And Elsa fell in love with someone she just couldn’t let go.

But both Naveen and Eugene couldn’t quite wrap their heads around nappy-changing time.

And it turns out Ariel’s baby boy throws food at her face too.

But before long they start growing up and even start trying on your best pair of shoes.

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