The 10 things that got parents talking in 2016
From pregnant mermaids to South Africa's favourite baby names... here are our top 10 topics of the year.
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2016 brought us more than Guptagate and local elections, it was also the year in which we discovered pregnant women dressing up and having their photos taken - at the bottom of the swimming pool. We also saw the rise of video recordings of school bullying that goes viral, and our debates (alcohol at school functions? which is more expensive: cloth nappies or disposables? co-sleeping or baby in his own cot? should the maths pass rate be dropped to 20%) attracted hundreds of opinions.

We made some calculations and brought you a comparison of the maternity benefits of 27 medical aid plans, the costs of first year at university, how much extracurricular activities and stationery cost. Yes we did the hard work, so you can just plug in and make an informed decision.

So without further ado: our top stories of 2016.

Underwater pregnancy shoots... yes, it's a thing!

  • The new trend? In which we discover the awesome phenomenon but also talk to an expert about the safety of it all.
  • More beautiful photographs. We found some more photographers, including a few local ones, who also dare to go under.

So who are Zuma's 22 children?

South Africa's top baby names for 2016

Identical twin sisters gave birth on the same day at the same time!

Bully stories


SA's top schools

How much does it cost to...

South Africa's spiders and snakes

10 food mistakes you're probably making

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