Watch: Daughter brings stepdad to tears with touching Father's Day gift
We love our dads, but it's even more beautiful when kids show love to dads who are not their biological fathers. This stepdaughter had a very special way of showing her appreciation for her stepdad.
Stepdads have a special place in our hearts. (iStock)

Sometimes it's the stepparent who plays the role of being an awesome parent. For this stepdaughter this was her stepdad.

She shared this heartwarming video of her stepdad's Father's Day gift, in which he unwraps a large parcel and immediately breaks down in tears.

We don't blame him.

His stepdaughter collected all the handwritten sticky notes he left at her door, over several years, and framed them.

In between the tears he can be heard saying, "These are all your notes."

Do you have a step parent who has played a big role in your life? Share your story with us, and we may publish it.

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