WATCH: “Your throat hurts? It’s ‘cause you’re on that phone so much” and other things moms say
This comedian posted a video titled "Moms" and there's no denying it – this is us all day, every day.
"You better do every extra credit assignment there has ever been in the history of mankind. Do you hear me?" (Facebook)

Social media comedian, Trey Kennedy, recently posted a video with the caption “Moms” and we don’t know if we should laugh or cry at his family dynamic – because this is all of us.

From using “It’s ‘cause you’re on that phone so much” as a response to almost every one of the kids' qualms to getting them to set up your Instagram account and follow you back, I know, and you know, we’ve all in some or other way done or said one, if not all, of these things. See for yourself:

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“You know I don’t have a lot of sympathy for you that your throat hurts… It’s ‘cause you’re on that phone so much.”

“How many cups do you guys need? This is ridiculous. Stop using all these cups!”

“You’re still not up? I told you to get up 10 minutes ago. There goes your breakfast.”

“Text me right when you get there.”

“I’m not your maid!”

“Inside voices, please.”

“…how do I send a G.I.F.?” 


Damn, it really do be like that sometimes.

Chat back

Have you used any of these lines on your kids or has your mom used it on you? Which other things do you often say or hear being said at home? Tell us by email and we may publish your comments.

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