Doctors and nurses spill the beans on their most intense experiences in the delivery room
Expectant moms and dads, look away now unless you want to know every little embarrassing detail about what to expect when your baby arrives. These online confessions by obstetricians, nurses and midwives from the delivery room will leave you gagged.
What happens in the delivery room, ends up online? Doctors and nurses reveal their most birth unique experiences. (iStock)

We're all pretty clued up on the reality of giving birth. It isn't (always) quick, it isn't (always) pretty and sometimes even pain relief methods can be nerve-wracking (we're looking at you big scary epidural needle). 

Still, there are those things that only those who have been there could know. 

But that was before we all got super cosy with spilling the beans online. 

There have been a number of requests via the online forum, Reddit, for doctors and nurses to share the most unique birth experiences they've witnessed during the labour and delivery process, and they did not disappoint.  

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Are you a medical professional with hilarious and unique stories from the delivery room? Share your stories with us, and we could publish your letter. Anonymous contributions are welcome. 

Responses covered the funniest things said and the most intense family interactions, and if you're the type who has to know everything about what's to be expected, this is the place. 

Below, the most noteworthy among the posts: 

"The father of the baby had thought the doctor pulled the baby's head off and punched him in the jaw" 

"Baby born, didn't know was pregnant. Can't find umbilical cord."

"The very white baby to not-white parents" 

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"Oops poops"

"Dad was sitting next to the bed looking at porn" 

"While pushing the baby out, she made a Twitter status saying 'In labour!'"

"My friend is an obstetrician, and he tells me some pretty interesting stories. The funniest is from the day when he was delivering a 20-or-so-year-old's baby. While pushing the baby out, she let go of her Mom's hand, reached to a table next to her hospital bed, grabbed her phone, and made a Twitter status saying "In labour!"

My faith in humanity died a little bit." 

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"She started screaming the lyrics to Kumbayah"

"He'd left the missus at home!"

"Workmate of mine is about to become a dad in the next week. His wife has been getting to know the nurses at their local hospital and listening to some of the stories....

One day a bloke came running down the ward hallway screaming for help that his wife was in labour and they needed the docs to come quickly! The nurses looked around curiously and asked him "ok... so where is she?"

The colour from the bloke's face drains for a second as he thinks this over...

"OH SHIT!" and he legs it out of there.

40 minutes later he returns with wife in tow. In his initial rush, he'd packed change of clothes, the car seat, camera gear, high tailed it to the hospital and left the missus at home!"

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'Is my vagina stretching yet?'"

"Refer to baby as 'special soul'" 

"Crunchy granola couple come in to see if mom is in labour. They pass out pamphlets for their birth plan. It's made to look like a playbill. Cute. Start to read it, nothing seems too off, they want to wash the baby, they don't know if it's a boy or girl and want dad to announce (aka my favourite gender reveal).

Except I get to the end. They specifically request no verbal communication with mom. All communication must go through dad. No referring to the baby as 'baby'. Refer to baby as 'special soul'. Those requests were quickly ignored." 

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Are you a medical professional with hilarious and unique stories from the delivery room? Share your stories with us, and we could publish your letter. Anonymous contributions are welcome. 

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