Wimpy responds to breastfeeding shaming incident
A Parent24 reader shares a bad experience of being shamed while breastfeeding her child at a Wimpy in a Gauteng mall. But Wimpy came out in support of breastfeeding moms, saying their family restaurants are breastfeeding friendly.
"Breastfeeding is a human right and restaurants should protect breastfeeding patrons" (iStock)

Although fiercely advocated for on Parent24 and countless other platforms, breastfeeding is constantly in the limelight for all the wrong reasons and breastfeeding shamers are always at the top of the list. 

How are moms supposed to feel comfortable if they are constantly being harassed and reprimanded for doing what is most healthy for their young ones

One mom, Mmatoka, wrote to Parent24 to share a nasty encounter she had while breastfeeding in the Centurion Mall Wimpy this past weekend, involving a spat with fellow patron and mom (of all people!). 

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Have you been shamed while publicly breastfeeding? We want to hear your story. Tell us and we could publish your letter. Anonymous contributions are welcome.

Here's her story: 

"I was breastfeeding my son on the morning of 10 March when a Wimpy employee told me that someone had [asked] that I cover up.

"When I asked why, a woman came from nowhere and started giving me a lecture about how inappropriately I was behaving around her son, who she did not raise to see such [things]. I asked her why she was giving me a lecture, and my husband told her to mind her own business.

"She then told the Wimpy employee she was leaving and the employee followed her. We also decided to leave.

"I found it rather strange [that] the Wimpy employee was going out of her way to please this woman. As far as I know, breastfeeding is a human right and restaurants should protect breastfeeding patrons. One thing is for sure, I'm never returning to Wimpy!" 

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Setting the record straight

We got in touch with Wimpy and received the below statement from the company's Marketing Executive, Jacques Cronje. 

"Wimpy is proud to be a breastfeeding-friendly restaurant. We’re a family restaurant and work hard to create an environment in which mothers feel welcome and able to breastfeed comfortably and confidently in all areas of our restaurants, at all times. 

"Wimpy has a formal breastfeeding-friendly policy in place and our staff are trained to support the needs and rights of breastfeeding mothers; discrimination against breastfeeding in our restaurants is prohibited.    

"While some customers who observe a mother breastfeeding may express discomfort or dissatisfaction, our team members are trained to support the mother’s choice to breastfeed in public, and our staff should respectfully offer to move the customer to a different area. It’s important to us that all customers feel comfortable and at home in our restaurants at all times." 

The breastfeeding mom may never return to the restaurant but at least now other moms know their rights. 

A word to breastfeeding haters: if you are embarrassed by a mother feeding her baby the way nature intended while eating at the well-known restaurant, either asked to be moved or eat somewhere else. 

Chat back:

Have you been shamed while publicly breastfeeding? We want to hear your story. Tell us and we could publish your letter. Anonymous contributions are welcome.

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