'You can buy whatever you want' - A parenting prank goes hilariously wrong
This dad tried to introduce some comic relief into his parenting experience and ended up being the butt of the joke instead.
Never underestimate the power of the words "You can buy whatever you want." (Facebook)

It's often said that for a parent, the years are fast but the days are long (AF). Enter the parenting prank which ranges from the hilarious to the 'should we be calling in a professional?'

The latest prank to be added to the list involves a parent's credit card and an impossible task. The child is instructed to try to catch the card without using their hands, and if caught, they'd be able to buy anything they want. 

Attempting the prank with his kid, this dad had not considered just how nimble and just plain lucky his kid would be. 

"If you catch it, you can buy whatever you want," we hear the unwitting father tell his son and what happens next is best seen to be believed.

Dad Joke Backfires

“if you catch it, you can buy whatever you want” ??

Posted by The Hook on Thursday, August 29, 2019

What are the odds, right? 

The takeaway? Best leave credit cards out of the equation when pranking your kid, or maybe just leave parenting pranks out of the equation altogether? 

Compiled for Parent24 by Lesley-Anne Johannes.

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